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a changeable or inconstant person

a faint constellation in the polar region of the southern hemisphere near Apus and Mensa


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Her humidified chameleon condo is now lined with cages, each containing a chameleon with its own potted ficus or shefflera.
Managing director Matt Lawler is actually a dentist by trade, but thankfully Chameleon does not have a dentist's chair in sight.
Off road mode - Increase the level of incline that the Chameleon scooter can go; perfect for going up mountains!
We are convinced that with this re-launch, Chameleon Club will boost its mark as the 'club to see and be seen'.
Managing Director of Chameleon, Steve Gilbee, added : "This is a very exciting opportunity for our staff and customers.
Russell Ligon, a doctoral candidate in ASU's School of Life Sciences, and Kevin McGraw, an associate professor in the school, used photographic and mathematical modeling tools in new ways to study how the color change of veiled chameleons (Chameleon calyptratus) relates to aggressive behavior.
In 2012, Chameleon Cold-Brew expanded its retail distribution across the nation, launching into new markets including Southern California, the Mid-Atlantic and Rocky Mountain states.
At Chameleon Club, the DJ is the controller of the nightclub, the music, the lighting, the ambience.
Johnny Depp is used to changing his look, but for his latest role in the animated film Rango, he has literally transformed into a chameleon.
As between Murchison / Crosslands and Chameleon the orders that will be made by the Court reflect Murchison's previously announced understanding of the decision.
Here they stayed, and Tim's chameleon days were over.
Nic Bishop's colorful chameleon photos lend in Joy Cowley's captivating CHAMELEON, CHAMELEON (0439666538 $16.
DALLAS-Feizy Rugs has introduced the Chameleon Collection, a new set of hand-tufted wool rugs whose construction plays on the characteristics of the reptile from which it gets its name.
Starting at less than $30,000, Chameleon offers unmatched price/performance for analyzing third-generation (3G) UMTS, cdma2000 and TD-SCDMA wireless networks and products.
When a chameleon is hungry, it sits still on a tree branch.