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a receptacle for urination or defecation in the bedroom

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The prime reason Hally gives is striking, for he chooses to reject doing for his father essentially the same unpleasant task that Gerasim embraces in serving Ilych: "I'm sick and tired of emptying stinking chamberpots full of phlegm and piss .
What is a satyr, a Turkish brass sieve without moral outrage, a chamberpot that lets the urine through beside my father's moral steel.
Ha Yen set about cooking as Aunt Cam settled on the chamberpot with her bamboo waterpipe and a pinch of strong tobacco.
I preface my reading with a confession: I had not known, before exploring the Oxford English Dictionary in the interests of this paper, that a "chamber" is a euphemism for a chamberpot.
And a character named Lord Chamberpot (Kevin Tucker) arriving on stage with a toilet seat around his neck and a chamber pot on his head.
But as ever with pantos,it's the things that go wrong that make it go so right -plus Kevin Tucker, who was perfect as the camp Lord Chamberpot and Claire Storey, who did a superb job of quacking all the way through as Toots the Goose.
Highlights include French and Saunders in Harry Potter and the Chamberpot of Azerbaijan, a special EastEnders, the results of Celebrity Driving School with Gareth Gates (above), celebrity versions of Streetmate and Fame Academy and a red nose special of Auf Wiedersehen Pet.
He has just completed writing and directing a 20-minute Harry Potter spoof, Harry Potter And The Secret Chamberpot Of Azerbaijan, for next week's Comic Relief fundraiser.
A single china chamberpot was also represented in the collection but has not been included here.
Thus, a picture of a boy and girl each on their own chamberpot, holding han ds across the spatial divide, shows love and elimination as made of the same stuff.
42) Despite his predilection for chamberpot humor and despite drawing heavily upon Peter Kolb (citing him as a source in three instances), Smollett mentions ceremonial urination only once--in the case of weddings (Present State, 8:126).
As Mosca, Hoyle "shows his art" superbly, from his first entrance, splashing some unknown, unsavory liquid around as he threatens to empty his master's chamberpot in the front row.
If some old diary writer says that they went to their toilet, it could mean anything from a dressing-table or a chamberpot to a hole in the ground or a water-closet.
There was a priceless moment yesterday when Bob threatened to brain him with a chamberpot.
In the factory towns of central Scotland feet-washing evolved into the rowdy event "jumping the chanty", when the bride was dressed up and wheeled around with a chamberpot filled with salt.