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a maid who is employed to clean and care for bedrooms (now primarily in hotels)

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The chambermaid rearranged it with a ready hand which showed that she was no beginner in the art of dressing hair.
The chambermaid pointed with her wicked forefinger in the direction of the glass.
Pay my bill and sneak off at once to the next town; but how pass through the grinning line of boots, and waiter, and chambermaid, and ironically respectful landlord and landlady, in the hall .
While the chambermaid was at her work, a solitary lady, loitering about the corridor of the second storey, was watching her over the bannisters.
At the hotel door, he confided her to the Unlimited head chambermaid, and said that while she went up to see her room, he would remain below, in case she should wish it exchanged for another, or should find that there was anything she wanted.
said a spruce quadroon chambermaid, dangling, as she spoke, a pair of coral ear-drops.
And serves you right," said Jane, the pert chambermaid, "if you will take their money to get drunk on.
Well, then, let us say no more about it," said D'Artagnan; "and let us burn this letter, which, no doubt, announces to you some fresh infidelity of your GRISETTE or your chambermaid.
Oh, from some heartbroken waiting woman, some desponding GRISETTE; from Madame de Chevreuse's chambermaid, perhaps, who was obliged to return to Tours with her mistress, and who, in order to appear smart and attractive, stole some perfumed paper, and sealed her letter with a duchess's coronet.
He chucks Chambermaid (the Right Honourable Lord Southdown) under the chin; she seems to deplore his absence, as Calypso did that of that other eminent traveller Ulysses.
Chefs, porters, waiters, chambermaids, platemen and kitchen hands, managers and manageresses are all cogs in the wheel for the entertainment of the public.
For upsetting chambermaids, they are some distance from Dominique Strauss-Kahn.
Sofitel, a hotel chain that prides itself on a traditional dress code, made the concession amid concern about the vulnerability of chambermaids after Strauss-Kahn was charged over allegations that he sexually assaulted and tried to rape a 32-year-old housekeeper.
In reality, the financial hardship of her subjects has got nothing to do with the decision to pull the red carpet from under the feet of the royal footmen and chambermaids.
They claim wages for chambermaids in the region, which includes top resorts Benidorm and Alicante, are the lowest in the country.