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(Judaism) a loaf of white bread containing eggs and leavened with yeast

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Challah is often associated with Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year).
While matzo is flatter than the state of Florida, challah is more pumped up than Mr.
Before starting, we contacted a challah authority, Mili, a friend of a mother-in-law of a friend.
Mili described two basic types of challah - lots of eggs and no eggs - and listed some of the other specific varieties, such as raisin bread, wheat bread and a new style gaining favor in the Big Apple that's sort of a French bread hybrid.
Without the crust, challah can have a tendency to taste a bit like a glorified hot dog bun.
And nowhere were fans more yeasty with delight than at Continental Kosher Bakery, where they waited for Emily Polon's latest recipe: apple-cinnamon challah.
Polon, who owns the bakery with her husband, Eddy, said she imbued her challah with transformative sweetness.
The apple-cinnammon challah is a new beginning,'' she said, proudly.
Sheila Golden, also of Burbank, drove all the way to Valley Village for an apple-cinnamon challah, which she said has a new ``subculture of Jewish fans.
2) Emily Polon holds a tray of her apple-cinnamon challah that draws lines of buyers to Continental Kosher Bakery, which she and her husband own, in Valley Village.
On a shelf are Jewish videos ("Shalom Sesame," an animated hagaddah, the Rugrats celebrating Passover), three challah trays, a tray of six sets of Shabbos candles, and a tray of silver kiddush cups that stays out always.
The mezuzah goes on the right side of the door post; the menorah goes near a window; the Sabbath challah goes on the table.
We are pleased with Lang's decision to address these demands by offering their reduced-carb Challah and bagels.
It has taken many months to perfect the low-carb bagels and Challah," said William Retin, Lang's president.
Lang's is initially introducing the new reduced-carbohydrate Challah and bagels at its San Diego retail location, as well as at select supermarkets, including Ralph's, Albertsons and various Kosher markets in Los Angeles and Orange County.