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dust resulting from writing with a piece of chalk

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For years, they seemed to manage perfectly well with chalk dust.
A pastel-on-paper sketch from 1995 shows an early study in which Sanna has used a simple combination of gold chalk and black paper to create the illusion of three-dimensions, marking small squares with the pastel, then scattering chalk dust across the rest of the page, leaving black only where the shadow of each gold square would fall, were it in fact a cube.
When the chalk dust settled and my adrenaline buzz subsided, I got to wondering about the feat of heating, cooling and ventilating a space with 60-plus-foot ceilings.
The smell of oiled wooden floors and the strangely nostalgic aroma of blackboards with their chalk dust and erasers were school smells in the thirties.
Then scarper home, with a bulk-load of chalk dust, assuming they've hit paydirt, with a lifetime's supply of Grade A cocaine.
Altshuler and colleagues speculate, the upstream vortex is being reinforced by a Marangoni effect associated with a decrease of the surface tension in the lower reservoir caused by increasing the amount of floating chalk dust or mate leaves.
Long lean column dresses in draped black jersey were smudged with chalk dust or bore the ghostly remnants of doodles and complicated mathematical calculations.
It comes in a plastic tube so you don't have to worry about chalk dust everywhere.
The chalk dust has long since settled at The Old School House on the edge of the small village of St Michael's near Tenbury Wells.
Chalk dust, from the 12-round mixed martial arts fight that took place on this normally glamorous Staples Center court Wednesday night.
The triggers of non-allergic asthma include tobacco smoke, wood smoke, chalk dust, perfumes, household cleaners, stress, viral infections and gastroesophageal reflux.
The Wednesday Wars" begins with laugh-out-loud episodes involving cream-puffs, chalk dust, bullies and enormous rats.
For older visitors, Happy Birthday Miss Jones--Rockwell's March 17, 1956, Post cover--calls up fond memories of chalk dust, inkwell desks, and favorite teachers.