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a heavy grey mineral that is an ore of copper

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Hole ZFDDH11-192 was also drilled along this section to test the southern continuity of the chalcocite blanket.
malachite, azurite, neotocite (Cu manganese hydroxide), chalcocite and minor to
flash converting of low iron chalcocite in a new reactor;
Covellite and chalcocite have been reported from the Property, generally interpreted to be associated with the base of the oxidation zone.
A total of 147,297 tonnes of DSO chalcocite grading 24.
Mining extracted ferruginous silicified slate with copper carbonates (malachite and azurite) passing into cuprite, native copper and minor chalcocite in what appears to be a classic supergene profile.
Omitiomire's copper occurs mainly as the mineral chalcocite with a copper content of 79%.
Copper mineralisation consisting of native copper, chalcocite, bornite, chalcopyrite, and malachite is hosted in a broad northwest-trending zone of altered granodiorite and occurs as disseminations, along fractures and in veins.
Copper mineralization is quite visible in an old pit near a gravel road and impressive malachite staining along with chalcocite is strata bound within the more sandy beds of the sediments.
Shipments of high-grade Direct Shipping Ore (DSO) chalcocite from the open pit continue, with 10 shipments completed to date, totalling 98,489 tonnes grading 28%Cu containing 27,555 tonnes of copper metal.
The primary and supergene sulphide mineralised zone consists of chalcocite, pyrite, and bornite vein swarms which are silver rich.
Pyrite is in very minor amounts and hypogene chalcocite, sphalerite, and
At Gallagher, drilling encountered shallow copper oxide and chalcocite mineralization overlying a zone of primary copper sulfide mineralization, with chalcopyrite occurring both as veins and disseminations.
Strongly enriched chalcocite and high grade skarn copper mineralization are being encountered over significant widths especially on the western and southern margins of the deposit.
These claims incorporate projected southwestern extensions of the MAN Area copper-zinc-silver-gold sulfide mineralization, as well as the southwestern continuation of the leachable oxide copper and chalcocite copper deposits overlying the MAN Area sulfide zone.