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a heavy grey mineral that is an ore of copper

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Chalcopyrite, chalcocite, and malachite mineralization within k-feldspar altered hydrothermal breccia.
To contribute to the understanding of how chalcocite forms and what geologic processes lead to its concentration, this study analyzes copper isotope values from the literature and from new data presented here.
As shown in Figure 3, the TF3 contains the mixed phase of hexagonal chalcocite ([Cu.sub.2]S; the lattice parameters are a = b = c = 5.562 [Angstrom], JCPDS 2-1287) and cubic low digenite phase ([Cu.sub.1.765]S; the lattice parameters are a = b = c = 27.760 [Angstrom]).
The majority of the Omitiomire resource contains sulphide ore consisting mainly of chalcocite. This mineral is made up of 80% copper and 20% sulphur.
Copper mineralization in the form of tetrahedrite and chalcopyrite along with other sulfide phases like galena, sphalerite, chalcocite and pyrite are generally present along foliation planes in the zone of intense shearing.
Additional chalcocite mineralization has been encountered on the southern side of the zone, which now extends at least 500 metres in strike length and up to 350 metres in width.
The objective of the program is to further define the chalcocite enrichment blanket intersected in previous drilling of the Nacho Zone, as described in our May 4th 2010 news release, as well as to test the Titan 24 induced polarization deeper primary sulphide targets described in our July 20th 2010 press release.
Minerals associated with cubic magnetite at Balmat, New York Anhydrite [CaSO.sub.4] Arsenopyrite FeAsS Atacamite [Cu.sub.2][Cl(OH).sub.3] Betekhtinite [Cu.sub.10](Pb,Fe)[S.sub.6] Bornite [Cu.sub.5][FeS.sub.4] Bottallackite [Cu.sub.2]Cl[(OH).sub.3] Calcite [CaCO.sub.3] Celestine [SrSO.sub.4] Chalcocite [Cu.sub.2]S Chalcopyrite [CuFeS.sub.2] Digenite [Cu.sub.9][S.sub.5] Galena PbS Gordaite [NaZn.sub.4]([SO.sub.4])[(OH).sub.6]Cl*6[H.sub.2]O Halite NaCl Hematite [Fe.sub.2][O.sub.3] Malachite [Cu.sub.2]([CO.sub.3])[(OH).sub.2] Nantokite CuCl Namuwite [(Zn,Cu).sub.4][SO.sub.4][(OH).sub.6]*4[H.sub.2]O Paratacamite [Cu.sub.2]Cl[(OH).sub.3] Pyrite [FeS.sub.2] Silver Ag Sphalerite ZnS Talc [Mg.sub.3][Si.sub.4][O.sub.10][(OH).sub.2] Crystal Sizes
The mineralisation occurs as oxidised copper in the form of carbonates and silicates, and as sulphides in the form of chalcocite and chalcopyrite.
The XRD spectra recorded for the [Cu.sub.x]S layer on PE show that samples contain orthorhombic anilite [Cu.sub.7][S.sub.4] (72-617, at 2[THETA] = 27.9, 36.4, 53.1, 54.7, and 61.68[degrees]), orthorhombic djurleite [Cu.sub.1.97]S (20-365, at 2[THETA]=46.5[degrees]), monoclinic chalcocite [Cu.sub.2]S (73-1138, at 2[THETA]=38.18[degrees]), and cubic talnakhite [Cu.sub.34][S.sub.32] (71-2438, at 2[THETA] = 61.9[degrees]).
Antimony-like behaviour showed Kupferglas (Chalcocite, [Cu.sub.2]S), Buntkupfererz (Bornite, [Cu.sub.5]Fe[S.sub.4]) and blattriger Magnetkies (Pyrrhotite, [Fe.sub.1-x]S).
These analyses indicate that the Fe-As-O coating is amorphous, the Cu-S-rich phase is crystalline and the patterns are consistent with chalcocite ([Cu.sub.2]S) and/ or djurleite ([Cu.sub.31][S.sub.16]), the Pb-Mo-O-rich phase is crystalline and the patterns are consistent with wulfenite (PbMo[O.sub.4]), and the Bi-Pb-As-O-rich phase is crystalline but the diffraction patterns could not be indexed conclusively.
Proterozoic basalts and some sedimentary members of the Richmond Gulf Group (Chandler 1988) located around Guillaume-Delisle Lake in the southwestern part of the region host redbed-type deposits containing chalcocite and bornite (Labbe and Lacoste 2004).
The primary economic minerals are chalcopyrite, bornite, chalcocite, carrollite and pyrite.