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a small sebaceous cyst of the eyelid resulting when a Meibomian gland is blocked

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11 A few cases of stye, infected chalazion, pterygium and orbital cellulitis were also reported, which present with headache as an associated symptom.
Main outcome measure was reduction in chalazion size to 2mm or smaller after steroid injection at 4 weeks follow up visit.
brevis infection predisposes to meibomian gland dysfunction and chalazion formation, including in the pediatric population.
The book describes eye injuries and disorders of surrounding structures, such as chemical burns, foreign objects, blowout fractures, chalazion, and eyelid tumors; congenital, hereditary, and other disorders that affect vision, like color blindness, albinism, Down syndrome, stroke,diabetes, multiple sclerosis, AIDS, infectious diseases like herpes, and traumatic injuries, and preventing injuries; and living with low vision, including home modifications, driving, independence, travel, and employment.
Se ha relacionado la infestacion por este parasito con enfermedades como rosacea, blefaritis, meibomitis, chalazion y ojo seco (1-3).
Other entities to be considered in the differential diagnosis include: inclusion cysts, giant cell tumor, foreign body reaction, eccrine spiradenoma, osteoma cutis, trichilemmal cyst, hydrocystoma, basal cell carcinoma, calcification in lymph node, fat necrosis, pyogenic granuloma, lymphadenopathy, fibroxanthoma, chalazion and keratoacanthoma.
In many cases correct diagnosis of SGC of the eyelid is delayed because of its ability to masquerade as a variety of other ocular conditions such as chalazion, chronic blepharoconjunctivitis, basal cell carcinoma or other eyelid tumors.
Decreased lipid layer production is observed in older dogs and is due to abnormal secretion of the tarsal glands affected by chalazion, a condition common in elderly animals (GRAHN & STOREY, 2004).
Lesions around the eyes may be confused with benign appendageal tumors, including chalazion.
This minor condition is caused by minor skin breaks such as bug bites of chalazion.
A IN this age group, a lump under the eyelid is usually caused by a chalazion - a cyst in the lubricating glands of the eye.
The patient remained tumor-free until the age of 12 years, when she developed a left upper lid chalazion that was followed clinically.
Eleven of these subjects had a mechanical cause: eyelid scarring secondary to trauma, chalazion excision or recurrent blepharoconjunctival infection.
A chalazion is a chronic, sterile, lipgranulomatous inflammation of the meibomian gland within the tarsal plate (Table 1) (Figure 1).
Neurilemoma of the eyelid resembling a recurrent chalazion.