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basal part of a plant ovule opposite the micropyle

one of two spiral bands of tissue connecting the egg yolk to the enclosing membrane at either end of the shell

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Three megaspores in the tetrad degenerated and the chalazal megaspore became functional (Fig.
Subepidermal mesotesta, inner epidermis and central cells of the chalazal region undergo collapse in the nine species (Figure 2B).
The raphe is large and expanded at the chalazal end of the seed, a hypostase is present, endosperm is apparently free nuclear (Biradar and Mahabale, 1976), and the cotyledons of the embryo are straight.
The hypostase is situated above the chalazal vasculature and, depending on the form of the nucellar base, it may be present as cluster of cells, or a disk- or cuplike cell (BOUMAN, 1984).
Each megaspore initiates a pattern of free nuclear development, but only the gametophyte located in the most chalazal (basal) position will continue to develop and eventually participate in fertilization [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 3C OMITTED].
Inspection of capsules, after hatching, shows that larvae hatch through an opening in the capsule along one of the chalazal strands [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 2F OMITTED].
The functional megaspore near the chalazal end developed into mature embryo sac which was of Polygonum type.
Seed coat structure and histochemistry of Abelmoschus esculentus chalazal region and water entry.
Brief heat shock between 80 [degrees] to 120 [degrees] C is sufficient to induce imbibition by loosening cells in localized regions such as the hilum, chalazal cap, or strophiolar plug, or possibly denaturing inhibitors (e.
Only one megaspore functions and it is one of the chalazal members of the tetrad.
from the chalazal portion of the ovule (Singh & Johri, 1972; Singh,
Whereas, in sexual embryo sacs, a cell wall only covered the micropylar end of the reduced egg cell and the plasma membrane of the cell was exposed on the chalazal end.
2d) and finally results in a linear-shaped tetrad of megaspores that the chalazal megaspore is functional one.
Seeds without tails (0); seed with tails (expanded portion of testa at hilum and chalazal ends) (1) 85.
The chalazal megaspore enlarged to become the functional megaspore and the three members nearest to the micropyle degenerated.