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(Judaism) a loaf of white bread containing eggs and leavened with yeast

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Lee, 30, and his family, including three children and his 28-year-old fiancee, escaped unhurt, as did neighbors Lorin and Chalah Bailey.
We say Kabbalat Shabbat, then as we turn to face the back entrance to welcome the "bride" of Shabbat, the kibbutznik guarding the door enters singing "bo'i chalah, "his rifle slung behind, his tallit billowing over it.
Christopher Adair, Chalah Alley, Casey Allison, Jered Alsup, Matthew Anderson, Joshua Andres, Steven Apel, Robert Armendariz, Cassandra Atchley, Americana Aulenbacher, Sara Bailey, Kyle Baker, Andrew Barber, Michael Barr, Jonathan Barta,