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a long chair


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The charcoal walls are balanced by a snowy-white cushioned headboard and matching chaise longue.
The 'Harry Potter' star is depicted on a chaise longue to allow fans to sit next to her, the Daily Express reported.
The 22-year-old, who has gone on to appear in films including The Perks Of Being A Wallflower, is seated on a chaise longue to allow fans to sit next to her.
Esta chaise longue, icono del modernismo en el mobiliario, fue disenada en 1928 por Le Corbusier, su primo Pierre Jeanneret y Charlotte Perriand, quien al parecer ideo el concepto funcional de la silla, cuyo efectivo desplazamiento basculante es producto del peso y la posicion del cuerpo del usuario y no de un mecanismo.
raw-gated city, at ease as a retired banker in a chaise longue, or a man
Clashing their diamante-studded heels and competing for a glittering pounds 1,000 prize - surely just loose change down the back of the chaise longue to these girls - are Chantelle Tagoe, fiance of England and Aston Villa striker Heskey; Jude Cisse, wife of France''s Djibril; Jessica Lawlor, the better half of Republic of Ireland''s Stephen Ireland; and Page Three beauty Nicola T, fiance of Crewe''s Simon Walton.
The centerpiece of this exhibition (smartly titled "Gold Dust Is My Ex-Libris") was The Golden Divan, 1990, an antique chaise longue that Byars had reupholstered in gold cloth.
The 36-year-old, who launched her first range last year, posed on a chaise longue flanked by models wearing her latest bra-and-pants combination at London's Dorchester Hotel.
The Bernini chaise longue has leather armrests that retract.
So Marcellina looked like an overblown Dolly Parton clone oozing out of her too-small dress, while the Countess was a sleek 1930s movie star posing on her chaise longue.
Janet Jackson asks for a dressing room with a chaise longue, 10 black roses, Marmite and male catering staff.
The Prive collection consists of a chaise longue, sofas and soft boudoir armchairs and, as Starck explains, is designed to add a little spice to domestic life.
Tate also receives Francis Bacon's Study for a Portrait (1952); Balthus's Nude on a Chaise Longue (1950) and The Golden Fruit (1956) Pierre Bonnard's Nude in the Bath (1925) and The Yellow Boat (c.
Brace yourself for photos of the comely Zara draping herself around the chaise longue and salivating over her favourite black leather thigh-high boots, as she did a week ago in the aforesaid newspaper's weekend magazine, while railing against press distortions in the accompanying interview.