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the officer who presides at the meetings of an organization

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Madam Chairperson, as we review the many initiatives our governments have pursued under the Program of Action, I submit that we all have more than enough worthy work to do within the terms of that mandate.
The chairperson is also expected to submit a written yearly self-report, and the formal evaluation was useful for reminding the chairperson of accomplishments long forgotten and tasks that remained to be finished.
As per new rules for voting under Sindh Local Government (Third Amendment) Bill 2015, people will be directly electing only chairperson, vice-chairperson and four general councilors.
The Electoral Commission Act gives power to the President to designate the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission from amongst the commissioners of the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC).
The BISP Chairperson requested Chief Minister Balochistan to facilitate BISP in establishing its offices in far flung areas in all districts of the province with the help of district administration.
Hart's previous positions include: Long Island chapter: chairperson: educational seminar (2001); advisor (1998); chairperson (1997); 10th anniversary celebration chairperson (1997); chair-elect (1996); member of the social committee (1995-present); secretary (1991); chairperson: housing committee (1987-1990) and charter member (1987), and for the Connecticut/Long Island/New York chapters: joint educational seminar (1997).
Alerting the chairperson to articles or other items of interest is another way of initiating more regular contact.
Louis Journalism Review; Dorothy Weiner, vice-president of the Press Club and editor of the Ladue News; Verna Smith, board member, archivist volunteer, chairperson of the donations review committee; and to Mary Jo Wich, retiring board member, former vice president and chairperson of the nominations committee.
Other features include an ability for the chairperson to briefly leave the conference to dial another participant and a conference lock that allows the chairperson to lock the conference door after which no interruptions will occur.
The committee chairperson should obtain resources on the subject and disseminate them before the first official work session to give committee members a chance to review the information.
The trustees have identified the following qualities that FASB members and certainly the chairperson must possess:
The first Chairperson of the Switzer Memorial Committee was Olive Banister, and the first Switzer Memorial Seminar was held at Ms.
At an inservice program facilitated by the Staff Development Coordinator, the chairperson revealed the results of the survey and presented well-received suggestions for improvement.
CM Balochistan immediately gave directives to concerned authorities to work out for a plan and assured Chairperson BISP that full cooperation in this regard would be provided.
Islamabad -- Senator Saleem Mandviwalla has been unanimously elected in as the Chairperson for the Senate's Standing Committee on Finance, Revenue, Economic Affairs, Statistics and Privatization.