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Synonyms for chairman

Synonyms for chairman

the officer who presides at the meetings of an organization

act or preside as chair, as of an academic department in a university


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Amir Sattar of PML-N and Irshad Subhani of PML-N were elected as Chairman and Vice Chairman.
Sadiq Al Shehabi has been elected as public utilities and environment affairs committee chairman, after serving as vice-chairman for two years.
Roger Ferguson was one of the most outstanding vice chairman that the board has ever seen," says Andrew F.
Heading this charge at the SEC were, in this author's opinion, three key individuals: former Chairman William Donaldson, former Chief Accountant Donald Nicolaisen and former Director of the Division of Corporation Finance Alan Beller.
Trying to read Chairman Greenspan's mind, one might infer that he wanted to bring monetary policy to a neutral position as soon as possible.
Robert Johnson is the Founder and Chairman of The RLJ Companies, an innovative business network that provides strategic investment and direction in and for a diverse portfolio of companies in the financial services, real estate, hospitality/restaurant, professional sports, film production, gaming and recording industries.
I FIRST MET the Chairman in December 1994, when I was invited to sit on a panel of academics and present my views on the outlook and monetary policy to the Board.
Wolstein of Cleveland, CEO and board chairman of Developers Diversified Realty; Richard S.
Peterson, Chairman, The Blackstone Group, New York, New York, renamed Chairman.
Only one independent member of the board has hands-on management experience in retailing, serving as president and vice chairman of Federated Department Stores 12 years ago.
2nd Vice Chairman Charles Jones Porter Warner Industries 270 N.
professor of medicine and professor of health care policy, Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts, renamed chairman.
I am honored to be assuming the position of chairman of this dynamic, growing organization," said Neil Siderow.
David Dreier, R-Glendora, who as chairman of the House Rules Committee will remain a member of the leadership team of House Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill.