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a ski lift on which riders (skiers or sightseers) are seated and carried up or down a mountainside


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As many as 106 people remained hanging at a height of hundreds of feet when a chain slipped off a pulley of the chairlift on June 29 after a pole was uprooted in a windstorm.
Pindi Point and Patriata chairlifts will remain closed till completion of the probe.
A popular visiting spot in Murree, the elevated chairlifts met with a malfunction resulting in hundreds of getting stuck in the air precariously.
Chairlift at Malam Jabba, which was destroyed during militancy in 2008-09, has been reconstructed and opened for tourists, adding the newly reconstructed chairlift has been imported and safe in all aspect.
Talking about the chairlift, he said that, the cable car and chairlift system will remain operational until Ramazan 10.
Major Christian Crueize, a spokesman from the mountain rescue service in Modane that attended the scene, said: "He was certainly ill on the chairlift before falling but an autopsy has been demanded to determine the exact cause of death.
The cabinet, in its meeting held on April 25, 2018, was briefed about the lease of land for the Malam Jabba chairlift and hotel.
Meribel has also taken away all the stress of chairlift selfies.
He said in order to ensure safety of tourists, there is regular safety check of the chairlifts and cable car system.
The great advantage that chairlifts have over surface lifts, of course, is that they don't need an unbroken strip of snow running from top to bottom in order to operate.
Chairlift at Malam Jabba, which was totally destroyed during militancy in 2008-09 was reconstructed and opened for tourists.
'Chairlift at MalamJabba, which was destroyed during militancy in 2008-09 were reconstructed and opened for tourists.
US-based resort operator Boyne Resorts has closed a purchase transaction with Ski Resort Holdings, LLC, an affiliate of Oz Real Estate, to acquire six mountain resorts and a scenic chairlift attraction previously leased by the resort company, the company said.
Rawalpindi -- Dozens of employees of the New Murree Patriata Chairlift on Saturday staged a massive protest demonstration against the management for removing them from service.