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Synonyms for chair

the position of professor

the officer who presides at the meetings of an organization

an instrument of execution by electrocution

a particular seat in an orchestra

Related Words

act or preside as chair, as of an academic department in a university


Related Words

preside over

References in classic literature ?
The chair remained motionless, and spoke not a word.
Queer sort of thing, this," said Tom Smart, looking first at the chair and then at the press, and then at the letter, and then at the chair again.
That of the Peacock differed in no material respect from the generality of such apartments; that is to say, it was a large, bare-looking room, the furniture of which had no doubt been better when it was newer, with a spacious table in the centre, and a variety of smaller dittos in the corners; an extensive assortment of variously shaped chairs, and an old Turkey carpet, bearing about the same relative proportion to the size of the room, as a lady's pocket-handkerchief might to the floor of a watch-box.
No use; nothing but queer chairs danced before his eyes, kicking up their legs, jumping over each other's backs, and playing all kinds of antics.
This time, lowered quickly, he sank into the chair like a half- empty sack of meal, and continued so to sink, until, crumpling at the middle, his great tawny head falling forward, he lay on the floor unconscious.
For the day came when Mulcachy rapped the chair with his whip-butt, when the attendant through the bars jabbed the iron fork into Ben Bolt's ribs, and when Ben Bolt, anything but royal, slinking like a beaten alley-cat, in pitiable terror, crawled over to the chair and sat down in it like a man.
Save for himself, the arena was deserted, although, overhead, suspended from the roof-bars, were block-and-tackle and seven strong iron chairs that drew his instant suspicion and caused him to roar at them.
The last I saw of him he was pouring out that glorious flood of words--his deformed body, poised on the overthrown chair, his face lifted in rapture to some fantastic heaven of his own making.
That works out to one high chair injury every hour.
Its historical influences and eye-catching color and print easily make this chair into an instant conversation piece.
Senator Panfilo Lacson was elected chairman of the committee on public order, Senator Juan Miguel Zubiri is chair of the committee on trade while Senator Francis Pangilinan was elected chair of the agriculture committee.
Following the vote to amend the bylaws, the section chairs reported on the activities of the section meetings during the day and named section chairs and vice chairs for 2015-2016.
Fengxiang (Frank) Han, Chair, Jackson State University
Delivery UniversitEntsklinikum Heidelberg 2013 Office swivel chairs without armrests 130;Office swivel chairs with armrests 252;Meeting chairs Four legs without armrests 113;Meeting chair four legs with armrest 14;Meeting chair Cantilever without armrests 85;Meeting chair chair with arms 108;Laboratory stools 253;Laboratory swivel chair 285 AD.
We all pass by at least one every day, and most of us march right past them without even noticing the car seat that has been converted into a street chair and placed on the sidewalk or the hard wooden chair, carefully covered with a pillow to make it more comfortable.