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portable power saw

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For less than the cost of a pair of boots a person could buy a pair of chainsaw chaps (about $75) and a pair of chainsaw gloves (about $40) and avoid almost 3/4 of all potential injuries from a chainsaw.
Winchester Coroner's Court was told that David Phyall tied the chainsaw to a leg of a snooker table in his sitting room using string, taped up the on button, and plugged it into a timer.
A chainsaw was used to cut a third of the way through the trunk of the Norway maple in Bull Yard, leaving it in danger of collapsing on to passers-by.
Buzz for the original "Chainsaw" started to snowball when Variety reported that some 50 people stormed out in protest or fled to the restrooms to vomit after a theater sprung a screening on patrons who were expecting to see hijack thriller "The Taking of Pelham 1,2,3." Among the outraged were several city officials, one of whom threatened a lawsuit for "intentional inflicting of mental disturbances."
Q: Ever had the urge to whip out your chainsaw after watching Texas Chainsaw Massacre?
CRACKED CYMBALS, CHAIN-LINK GUITAR STRAPS, on-command puking, chainsaws, fire breath, and severed-head blood showers quench gore-thirsty heshers!
"There's no sense in growing a cracked tree like this," he says, starting his Husqvarna chainsaw and bringing it down on the maple.
CHAINSAW: The Notorious Career of Al Dunlap in the Era of Profit at Any Price By John Byrne New York: Harper Business, $26.00
introduces its new TRS-1085 Offset Chainsaw. The TRS-1085 is the largest Tesmec chainsaw available with both the offset boom and tilt-track capabilities.
A DAD of three smiled as he attacked a stranger with a chainsaw at a golf club, a court heard yesterday.
The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) has mobilized at least 87 members of chainsaw personnel to fast track the cutting of felled trees in areas badly affected by typhoon Ompong.
THERE is at least one place in Stockton that you won't find Leatherface swinging a chainsaw around his head.
Carroll High School in West Kendall, Florida, said she knew of a chainsaw in her school's closet and so she thought she'd help remove debris and cut down a fallen tree that was blocking a road.