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having a chainlike form


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3], indicating that kerogen is composed mainly of chainlike and cyclic saturated materials, while a broad peak at 1276 [cm.
Originally produced last year for another study, the new polymer mimics some of the properties of natural polysaccharides, large compounds that link repetitive sequences of sugar molecules in a chainlike pattern.
Choi's team initially tried using an epsilon-caprolactone polymer that has a linear, chainlike molecular form.
In these images, chainlike structures of carbon black are seen separated by relatively large areas of polymer that does not contain any noticeable amount of carbon black.
Polymerization is a chemical reaction in which smaller molecules bond together to form larger chainlike molecules.
The process Benerito's team developed is based on treating cotton fibers with reagents that strengthen the hydrogen bonds between chainlike cellulose molecules--a process called "cross-linking.
Floating aquatic, roots absent; leaves 3, dimorphic, 2 green, sessile, entire, floating and I finely dissected, petiolate, rootlike, submerged; sporocarps chainlike on submerged leaf.
These chemicals can slowly polymerize -- form long, chainlike molecules -- and precipitate.
First the chainlike strands wind themselves into helices.
Do the long, chainlike molecules float through solutions in a haphazard way?
Polymers are chemical compounds of high molecular weight with very long, chainlike molecules which intertwine to give polymeric materials such practical properties as strength, durability, plasticity, and elasticity.
The turncoat layer, atop a gold-coated wafer, is made of neatly aligned, chainlike molecules that stand up like bristles on a brush.
Raman spectroscopy has been utilized to quantify the polyethylene crystallinity through various curve fitting techniques, since the vibration of the main chain in chainlike polymer molecules is sensitive to Raman scattering [23-25].
Although a number of theoretical analyses and experimental observations have been conducted, the exact mechanism of forming a chainlike structure within an ER fluid is not yet well understood.
In fact, the violent reactions even stitched some amino acids into peptides, the chainlike molecules that make up proteins, says Blank.