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smoke one cigarette after another

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Morgan Spurlock has nothing on German thesp Christian Berkel, who watched his health go up in smoke--literally--while shooting a drama about chain-smoking former West German chancellor Helmut Schmidt.
Meanwhile, a dishevelled Atletico fan sits chain-smoking and swearing in a traffic jam as he fails to reach the Vicente Calderon.
The Echo revealed this week the former Guns 'n Roses guitarist will not be hit with a pounds 50 fine for chain-smoking during a gig at Cardiff International Arena.
Instead of a date with a well-groomed, nonsmoking, professional man of rugby build with his own home, as requested, she had dinner with a chain-smoking lorry driver.
The food booths scattered all over the upper and lower zoo areas drew lots of fans, including Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Disney honcho Dick Cook, and Rebecca De Mornay with her chain-smoking pal Harry Dean Stanton, who loved the outdoor venue.
But not the current chain-smoking, dumb-as-a-box-of-hair-extensions Chaotic Britney, no.
The Accountant (2001) Ray McKinnon plays the lead in this satirical short film about a hard-drinking, chain-smoking rural U.
In an ironic ending after the death of so many, the murderous Ibrahim ends up in cushy exile in a hunting lodge as a guest of the Spanish government, chain-smoking Marlboros and watching the continuing drama of the Intifada on television.
Americans tend to avoid discussing class differences, and this charming story about a girl who lives in a trailer with her chain-smoking, obese grandmother is something out of the ordinary.
A chain-smoking hotel owner casually discourses away, but his hand and cigarette strategically conceal his mouth from the camera.
It now seems almost certain that the once chain-smoking, hard-drinking royal will now bow out of public life.
to beat in the drumsticks of a chain-smoking drummer
25, will also bring back Todd Price (in photo, in Santa suit) on piano as a chain-smoking St.
I had met the chain-smoking statesman years before in Europe when I was a young economist at the United Nations.
Clark believes tenants will be reasonable in the face of the impractical, but conceded that all people are not reasonable, including cigar chomping, pipe enjoying, chain-smoking company owners.