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a heavy smoker (usually of cigarettes) who lights one off of another

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Grossly overweight, a heavy drinker, a compulsive gambler and a chain-smoker, his boss said he could spot a guilty cough in a football crowd but not know if World War III was breaking out in his living room.
He added: "My father went on holiday to Cornwall with a chain-smoker many years ago and has been puffing away ever since.
To make matters worse it sends the literary professor into the bed of skinny 'trailer trash' Nicole Kidman, a chain-smoker with a delicate mental state and a lunatic Vietnam vet for a husband.
This year France, led by former chain-smoker President Chirac, has done something extraordinary.
Hindley, a chain-smoker, experienced ill-health for much of her 36 years behind bars, suffering from angina, osteoporosis, respiratory problems and suspected strokes.
A chain-smoker, she experienced ill-health for much of her time in prison including angina, osteoporosis and respiratory problems.
Against virtually any other contestant, the effeminate wisecracker would be short odds himself, but he is taking on a strong rival in the Cambridge chain-smoker.
The newspaper described him as a depressed chain-smoker who gets through 60 cigarettes a day.
She was a chain-smoker and always looked disheveled and feverish, and she used her husband as her spokesperson to relay her wishes to the dancers.
Unfortunately, almost every photo of the older Kis shows him with a cigarette in his hand - he was a chain-smoker and died prematurely of lung cancer, robbing himself of a longer life and depriving Serbian and world literature of further valuable works.
Wiggin likened the nation's fiscal health to a lifelong chain-smoker diagnosed with cancer being offered two choices for a cure: either immediate painful chemotherapy treatment or passing the disease on to his 2-year old grandson.
The former chain-smoker often had to wear a nicotine patch to satisfy his cravings while filming on sets where the habit is banned, has now quit smoking in a bid to get healthy.
Rather than a wordslurring chain-smoker invading her children's privacy while regurgitating clapped-out motivational clichs.
Once seen frequenting exclusive celebrity bars, Donna also admits she was a chain-smoker with a love of junk food.
He was 6ft-6in tall, a chain-smoker, a lover of fine wine, a collector of contemporary painting, a grower of roses and orchids, a picture restorer, and a gambler on horses.