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smoke one cigarette after another

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Booted out of the French police force in disgrace, heavily depressed Xavier Lombard (Daniel Auteil) has crossed the Channel to play football and chain-smoke, while plying his trade as a private detective.
Q I DREAD visits from my sister-in-law and her husband who both chain-smoke.
Tips abound, however, that no one tried too hard to make this film particularly good: featuring Kris Kristofferson (reprising his role from the earlier films) lumbering about in long, stringy hair and rasping lines as if he was ordered to chain-smoke between takes.
You have people who chain-smoke at the bars all night and I hate it.
Buttafuoco, now an Aguora Hills resident, was at Stern's party and flew back in time to go to Paulypalooza to chain-smoke cigars and tell how well his Hollywood career is going.