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portable power saw

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Some building contractors executing official projects have no alternative but to use chain-saw wood, contradicting official government policy.
Under the Timber Resources Management Act of 1997 and its accompanying Timber Resources Management Regulations of 1998, chain-saw lumbering activities in the country are outlawed.
Last year, she began entering semipro chain-saw carving competitions, mainly in Oregon and Washington.
That is one reason there are few chain-saw carvers in Southern California.
And Atlanta's Jackyl - once infamous for on-stage chain-saw abuse - last week scored a stunning 75 adds at rock radio across the nation for its new cover of Grand Funk Railroad's ``We're an American Band.
A university professor convicted in the death and chain-saw dismemberment of a teen-age male prostitute whose limbs were found in Valencia a decade ago has died in prison of a heart attack, a prison spokeswoman said Tuesday.
In the future, we suggest the zoo plant trees away from residential neighborhoods to avoid creating hard feelings and a potential chain-saw massacre.
Life-size bears, larger-than-life fish, bald eagles, raccoons, cactuses, buffalo and an American Indian bust are among the items that draw the many to view the works of the traveling chain-saw artist from Oregon.
Sand, dirt and rock can damage chain saws, as well as chain-saw operators.