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one of a chain of retail stores under the same management and selling the same merchandise

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Speaking in an interview with BOPA, Choppies head of marketing, Mr Rajesh Ottaphth said the chain store, which retails in eight Southern African countries and boasts of 250 stores, has a large footprint in remote areas.
Citing the mall's ongoing enhancements, including a recently opened, state-of-the-art dining pavilion, the Chain Store Age editors heralded Woodfield as a "prime example of an enclosed mall that's withstanding the challenge of e-coms and town centers."
Combined with AI, the new concept could also increase the financial benefits for companies like President Chain Store Corporation, as long as they find appropriate ways to protect people's privacy and safety.
Its mathematical model is described as follows: given that a distribution center of a supermarket chain uses at most R (r represents truck r, r = 1, 2, ..., R) trucks to distribute goods for S (s represents chain store s, s = 1, 2, ..., S) chain stores in a certain geographical area, where s = 0 represents the warehouse of the distribution center, and the load capacity of each truck is [c.sub.r] (r = 1, 2, ..., R), the demand for the goods of each chain store is [d.sub.s] (s = 1, 2,..., S), the shortest distance from the chain store s to the chain store k is [], the goal of optimization is to make all trucks transport goods with the shortest distance and spend least time.
The nation's chain stores have slowed their expansion in New York City, according to the Center for an Urban Future.
Regarding Robin's appointment to the board, Chain Store Age Executive Director of Events Katherine Boccaccio said, "The right board will ensure a top-notch program.
Maryland was one of the states that tightly controlled the sale of alcoholic beverages and, with one exception, has not allowed them in chain stores, including grocery stores.
The company has built up a stock of 300,000 8W LED light bulbs at 7-Eleven stores and is preparing another 300,000 bulbs for next round of promotions at the chain store system.
Based on consumer surveys, ICSC research expects somewhat subdued retail sales relative to recent months, with overall chain store sales increasing by nearly 2.5 percent because of fewer gift-card redemptions this year compared with January 2010.
"Many of our traditional small market towns have indeed lost some of their character and personalityandhalf of that isdueto the insidious nature of chain store operations as well as the fact theworld of retail right now is not very exciting and is actually quite a disappointing place to be," he said.
By over-taxing these small businesses they are squeezing out the smaller shops and doing the big chain store's work for them, but is that what they want for Coventry?
Leon and his would-be rebel friends from the 8th-grade gifted pool (first encountered in How To Get Suspended and Influence People) set out to save their favorite independent coffee house, Sip, from the encroaching coffee chain store Wackfords.
Citing statistics supplied by Israel's Central Bureau of Statistics, Globes said that non-food chain store sales rose at an annualized rate of 5.4 percent during the July 2005 through September 2005 period.
With more than 70 years of retail and foodservice intelligence by their side, Chain Store Guide, Tampa, Fl., a division of Lebhar Friedman, Inc., has introduced their new state-of-the- art online searchable database, CSG Online located at