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the most basic of all crochet stitches made by pulling a loop of yarn through another loop

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a looped stitch resembling the links of a chain

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By the way, chain stitch was not exclusively women's craft.
For sides: With D, work in chain stitch a sideways lying "S" shape below each window on each side of car, then work a 3-petal lazy daisy in center between the shapes.
You can purchase these either singly or joined together with a chain stitch. The latter are great where a long continuous line of sparkle is needed -- say, if you were making a star for a Fairy costume or some sparkles for a Little Mermaid outfit.
It has chain stitch details and is 100% mini rib knit plus wicking, while the trim is 100% polyester Microtek fleece knit.
According to [3] the minimum required needles' travel when forming a flat chain stitch is determined from the condition
Familiary with the fundamentals of the craft is generally presumed, although a brief introduction does refresh the reader's memory on stitch symbols, as well as how to make basic stitches (including backstitch, right-hand stitch, chain stitch, chevron stitch, cretan stitch, and many more).
A single looped chain stitch will now unlock all the facing loops and the bag will completely open.
The final chapters include a list of sources for obtaining the supplies listed for each project and a handy dictionary of stitch terms such as bobble, chain stitch, and I cord and descriptions for those who need a refresher course on the abbreviations.
Rich in subjects (religious or secular), varied in types (from coverlets to costumes and accessories), and vividly rich in embroidery styles (satin, double satin, chain stitch, etc.), the folk embroidery of the western Himalaya has been well documented by Dr Subhashini Aryan, who has been working on Himalayan art for the last three decades and has travelled frequently in the Himalayan region.
Orange, black and pink Butterfly bikini by Mathew Williamson: bottoms pounds 16; top, pounds 20; Floozie bikini by Frost French: top, pounds 16; bottoms, pounds 12; Naval look Floozie bikini by Frost French: top, pounds 14; bottoms pounds 12; Beach bikini by Melissa Odabash: khaki metallic bandeau, pounds 18; bottoms, pounds 16; Black embroidered Butterfly bikini by Mathew Williamson: chain stitch bandeau top pounds 14; bottoms, pounds 18; Cococabana by Jasper Conran: bikini top, pounds 16; bottoms, pounds 14; Cococabana kaftan by Jasper Conran: pounds 30
For example, the repeating chorus that serves as a through-line is a rhythmic, percussive chant of sewing terms ("Chain stitch, lockstitch, whip stitch").
are, typically, finely worked in chain stitch technique on caribou hide,
3) Switch to the orange yarn, make one chain stitch, and turn.
For generations, the villagers have spent six months of the year working in agriculture and the six colder months working indoors on their chain stitch art, Sethi said.