chain stitch

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the most basic of all crochet stitches made by pulling a loop of yarn through another loop

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a looped stitch resembling the links of a chain

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This leads to that the actual maximum width of the flat chain stitch at sewing machines never exceeds 5,5 .
are, typically, finely worked in chain stitch technique on caribou hide,
3) Switch to the orange yarn, make one chain stitch, and turn.
For generations, the villagers have spent six months of the year working in agriculture and the six colder months working indoors on their chain stitch art, Sethi said.
Some of the older, more patient students mastered the French knot, chain stitch, and daisy stitch, but everyone loved working the yarn in a more primitive fashion, allowing color and texture to dominate the actual stitches.
And for $850, an aspiring cowgirl can purchase a black blouse with rhinestones, rickrack and the head and headdress of an American Indian man expertly embroidered in a chain stitch.
thread, work chain stitch over stomped transfer lines.
But, here we are; a spanking new uniform hung in the wardrobe, a shoe-bag with his name painstakingly embroidered in bad chain stitch, (I knew I should have called him 'Al') and one little boy and his mum apprehensively set for the big day.
Outline or pick up detail on the imagewith matching or contrasting colors of pearl cotton, using a basic chain stitch.
Kansai Sewing Machinery Company: PX flat bed two needle double chain stitch machines for decorative design
Tenders are invited for Supply erection and commissioning of single needle flat bed chain stitch industrial sewing machine basting machine complete with stand table and motor qty 12 nos
Common stitches and seams used in knits are the overlock stitch, chain stitch, narrow rolled edge, wave stitch and coverstitch.
For sides: With D, work in chain stitch a sideways "S" shape below each window on each side of train car, then work a 3-petal lazy daisy in center above the shapes between the windows.
Initially, I practised with floral patterns using a basic chain stitch and then created more intricate designs.