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smoke one cigarette after another

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Once I began my career, I started buying packets and gradually became a chain smoker.
Add in the fact that Mileson, a chain smoker who suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome, suffered a brain infection in February 2008 and died nine months later, and it was clear the fairytale was heading for an unhappy ending.
According to the report, the video has sparked a storm of jokes and rebuttals on YouTube and various social media sites about the well-known chain smoker and drinker who once praised Winston Churchill for his love of whiskey.
THOUGH teetotal, Jackie Milburn was a chain smoker, often enjoying a cigarette before kick-off and at half-time.
Although Abdullah was a chain smoker, a doctor who examined his body linked his death to a recent illness brought on by malnutrition.
Manila: A senior cabinet member and an opposition lawmaker have advised Philippines President Benigno Aquino, a chain smoker, to take a vacation and undergo an executive check-up after he cancelled several events due to ill health.
In fact, I bet the famous chain smoker lit another fag in celebration at the news.
Her hair test results showed more cadmium than a chain smoker, although she had never touched a cigarette in her life.
Despite his height, He became a chain smoker when he was seven years old and smoked at least one pack of cigarettes every day.
Mrs Owsher-Bowsher, Mrs Eadie-Beadie Jones and Miss Caldi Caldicott-Evans, the sole spinster who seemed to have been a chain smoker all her life.
A reformed chain smoker, Sabanci is a strong advocate of Turkey joining the European Union," the magazine added.
Two-year-old Tong Liangliang has little interest in the pacifiers and bottles typically favored by others his age and instead opted for cigarettes, and is now up to a pack a day, earning the Chinese toddler the dubious record of the world's youngest chain smoker.
If poor old Jack wasn't already a heavy-drinking chain smoker, this would tip him over the edge.
And that's bad news for outgoing Majority Leader John Boehner, a chain smoker who even has his own smoking perch, known as the ``Boehner Bench,'' in the Speaker's Lobby.
Lizzie, 33, was infamous on the Channel 4 reality show as a 15st, gobby, tattooed, chain smoker.