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portable power saw

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* Most chain saw work on large limbs or trees requires the experience of a trained operator to prevent injuries.
Caruso moved on, his chain saw whirring into action.
"I make six of these everyday using a chain saw. I make one and then I (talk) with the people and tease the kids for a little bit and then I move on."
He worked as a college professor and a documentary cameraman before making his way to the world of cinema with "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre" in 1974.
Hansen, star of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, reveals the production process and clarifies the wealth of rumors about the movie.
An employee at Power Plant Health ran out the back when he saw the chain saw blade coming through the door on March 23.
Deeter all he said was "I have a chain saw. Where do you want me to go?"
We take the paper egg crartons (not the Styrofoam kind), fill them with the big shavings you get when you use a chain saw. I don't really pack the shaving in, but definitely press them in.
India, May 5 -- CS Unitec has introduced new hydraulic chain saw, model ACH000-16, which is compact and powerful, making it suitable for use in construction, utility, underwater and maintenance applications.
Abstract: The chain saw represents significant source of occupational exposure to hand-transmitted vibration.
London, Sep 30 (ANI): 'The Texas Chain Saw Massacre', released in 1974, has been named the Greatest Ever Horror Film.
The PowerGrit Air Chain Saw is ideal for utility, municipal, construction and industrial pipe cutting applications.
The UK's third biggest grocery chain saw like-for-like sales growth, excluding fuel, in the 11 weeks to March 20 drop from 3.7% the previous quarter as it came up against tough comparatives from a year earlier.
This is the idea behind the Head Cutter, a heavy-duty chain saw accessory made by Big Foot Tools (, a company well-known for its circular saw adaptors (spinning up to a 14-inch blade).