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a series of chemical reactions in which the product of one is a reactant in the next

a self-sustaining nuclear reaction

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Chain reactions - in a team setting, creative problem solving is characterised by chain reactions.
Since the demonstrated reaction involved several molecules on a surface, it reframes researchers' understanding of surface-based chain reactions.
Molecular diagnostic assays, such as nested polymerase chain reaction and a species-specific DNA probe from the ribosomal DNA complex, have been useful to identify P.
Presented by Simon Delaney from Bachelors Walk, Chain Reactions focuses on a different strand of Irish society and the radical changes it has undergone over the past 25 years.
Therefore, it can provide the braking mechanism required for sustaining chain reactions.
Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov indicated Thursday Russia will continue conducting subcritical nuclear tests that do not cause sustained nuclear chain reactions.
Because of the potential unleashing of such power, Einstein suggested that FDR might think it desirable to have some permanent contact maintained between the administration and the group of physicists working on chain reactions in America."
This is a work of constantly shifting and slipping ground, collapsing structures, unexpected eruptions, chain reactions, realignments of force fields, and abrupt cessations of motion.
The nuclear reactions known in 1932 and for several years afterward were not suitable for nuclear chain reactions, however.