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The sources said that the army men engaged in tough battle against the Al-Nusra and captured the Southern hills in Bardaya region, imposing full control over the key Bardaya Chain of Mountains in Southwestern Damascus.
A trip up the Hannig cable car to sledge six kilometres down to the village in the foreground of the Mischabel chain of mountains is one way of diving into nature.
Despite the new equipment, the pilots hit "the wrong chain of mountains," said one former U.
He noted that the Red Sea coastal city is bordered by the sea to the west and a chain of mountains and heights to the east, which include 15 spots with a total area of 1,150 sq.
Framed by a chain of mountains demarcating the border between Iraq and Iran, in the district of Qaladeze, lies a sleepy little village called 'Hero'.
At present, there are three such hotels and golf complexes in Murcia, a region of Southern Spain characterised by a chain of mountains that cuts through the middle of an otherwise flat plain.
The journey included the mighty mountains of the Caucasus, and to the east of the Caucasus, another chain of mountains, the Urals, smaller and more Alpine in atmosphere.
Those images revealed Iapetus' bulging waistline and equatorial ridge--a chain of mountains that wraps at least halfway around the moon's 2,600-km-long midsection.
Two years later he passed the 100 mile mark to Lake Aberdeen, a chain of mountains preventing further progress.
For just four Swiss francs you can climb the northern bell tower's narrow winding staircase and look out from its white-stoned turret on to stunning views of the city below and the chain of mountains which seem to surround it.
The northern Caribbean coast is marked by an east-west trending chain of mountains which was formed as a result of movements at the junction of the South American and the Caribbean tectonic plates.
The jagged Sierra Nevada mountain range is the longest and highest unbroken chain of mountains in the lower 48 states.
SW & camped where it comes out of the 3rd Chain of Mountains.
Queenstown sits at the edge of Lake Wakatipu, beneath a remarkable chain of mountains appropriately named The Remarkables.
Left isolated in cattle pastures, or strung out along the peaks of a chain of mountains, some patches of tropical forest quickly unravel.