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a letter that is sent successively to several people

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The chain letter, which claims incorrectly to be supported by the BBC's Blue Peter programme, has also been circulated in other parts of the country and is a hoax, Redditch MP Mrs Jacqui Smith warned yesterday.
The chain letter reads: "This is known as the Letter of Fate.
The chain letter moves on and the next person who gets it is supposed to post pounds 1 back to the sender.
A MOTHER from Coventry is appalled that her six-year-old daughter received a chain letter.
The creative Budget team suggests the concept of a chain letter to spread the word of the deal.
A sick computer nerd is targeting Scotland with a chain letter threatening people with the same fate as tragic toddlers Jamie Bulger and Matthew Eappen.
TV Land usually recommends chucking a chain letter in the bin but this one's from Jamie Oliver.
The Royal Mail has urged parents to stop a lying chain letter aimed at children by throwing it in the bin.
He lied and lied, under oath and directly to the people, and lied to aides who became a chain letter of lies, to build a wall of lies around the White House.
A CHAIN letter which claims to guarantee pounds 20,000 in 60 days has been condemned by Coventry's trading standards department.
This malicious worm exploits the Outlook e-mail application and distributes the "LoveLetter" as a chain letter.
Quick and Easy Chili cooks up in a jiffy and is a recipe that Christine Kesilis acquired through a chain letter in the '70s.
Angela Constable, whose 10-year-old son Ben attends Gosford Park Primary School in Stoke, is angry about the "official looking" chain letter her son nearly wasted his pocket money on.
He received a chain letter promising earnings of more than pounds 20,000.
The scheme works like a chain letter and is based on gifts of pounds 3,000 being given to a member of a network, usually by a family member or friend.