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a gang of convicts chained together

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Some correctional officers wonder about the belt's real purpose, particularly when it is combined with chain gangs.
Mostly, I put the chain gangs to work right on Main Street so parents can drive by and point them out to their children as a crime deterrent.
The primary motive for the county chain gangs was, without a doubt, economic.
The experiences of black women on the chain gangs and in the work camps reveal a system that is gendered in ways that are infinitely more complex than prior scholarship has allowed for.
Slaves of the State: Black Incarceration from the Chain Gang to the Penitentiary.
This exceptionally well-researched account looks at chain gangs and the state prison system of Florida from about 1910 until 1960.
While Georgia politicians, business leaders, and policy makers clearly bristled at the characterization of their state prison system as depraved, inhumane, and brutal, they did not recognize sufficient cause to reform the chain gangs.
Of course the real benefit is that seeing the chain gangs out and about and in the pink, might give our own wee tearaways a graphic illustration of what awaits them unless they shape up.
His chain gangs work six days a week contributing thousands of dollars of free labour to the community.
Clement reminded the court of America's ``uniquely pernicious history'' of racial discrimination in prisons, evoking images of chain gangs and prison farms in the Deep South.
Now that chain gangs have been reintroduced into the American penal system, Rainbow 'Round My Shoulder elicits an unusual poignancy with its seven men, bound together in fugue-like choreography, dreaming of freedom.
They begin their story not on an Alabama freight train, but on the slave ships from Africa, in the antebellum cotton fields and the postbellum chain gangs, in the factories and prisons, in the courthouses and the streets where the battle for rights is a battle for survival.
Sheriff Arpaio has also reintroduced chain gangs to his county, including America's first all-female chain gang.
Given the reputation of chain gangs, support from wardens and gang 'bosses' are perhaps the most surprising.
Committee Against Torture, American police and prison guards have a record of discriminatory prisoner abuse, female prisoners are often raped by prison personnel, and public chain gangs are still in use.