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a gang of convicts chained together

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The experiences of black women on the chain gangs and in the work camps reveal a system that is gendered in ways that are infinitely more complex than prior scholarship has allowed for.
The chain gang was born but later classed as a inhumane by the penal reform movement.
The chain gang is not just a holding place for the dogs.
My argument analyzes the movie's marketing of the chain gang as a signifier of Southern depravity, then explores how the chain gang as a depraved mode of production responded to market forces including the growing value of human rights, and finally examines how representations of the chain gang as a form of Southern depravity continue to resonate in popular culture even after its abolition.
This retrospective, spanning the years from 1951 to 1964, collects together his classic recordings including Chain Gang, Only Sixteen, (What A) Wonderful World and Meet Me At Mary's Place, recently covered by Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.
Conner's silent film, accompanied by Patrick Gleeson's sound track, follows the plodding progress of filmmaking (moving equipment; tete-a-tetes between the director and crew) and features occasional appearances by star Paul Newman, greased up for his role as a convict on a Southern chain gang.
Fair enough, the chain gang mentality should not be taken as far as it is in the United States.
After too many doses of Starsailor, one needs truth, and Chain Gang of Love is as close as anyone has dared to get to the truth during the past year.
Beginning with the pioneering exposes of Frank Tannenbaum, Robert Burns and John Spivak, Georgia's convict chain gang has, like its predecessor the convict lease system, been condemned as a harsh, barbaric and brutal form of oppression, with little thought given to rehabilitation.
IT WAS a case of all hands to the pump for emergency services called to remove a chain gang of South Wales petrol protesters.
for the crime of "sitting with a white man on a public bus" and was sentenced to 22 days on a chain gang.
And when the forced labor of slavery ended, it was replaced by the servitude of sharecropping and the bondage of the chain gang.
Up until the arrival of the Union Army the war's impact on the Indians had been limited to that of the local militia, who with the aid of the sheriff were rounding up Indians not to fight but to serve on a chain gang.
From 1932 onward Herndon would ride the coattails of the Scottsboro case when, on the mere evidence of CP publications found in his Atlanta bedroom, he was sentenced under a slave-era statute to 18-to-20 years on the Georgia chain gang for "attempting to incite insurrection.
THE Coen brothers' latest tale about three fugitives from a chain gang in 1930s Mississippi is absolute gold-dust.