chain fern

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a fern of the genus Woodwardia having the sori in chainlike rows

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The strappy leaves of a native iris grow at left, while a giant chain fern (Woodwardio fimbriata) stands tall at right.
Sister to Chain Fern (unraced; dam of Gr1 winner Spanish Fern).
The selection of plants that grow well in poorly drained soil includes lady fern (Athyrium), chain fern (Woodwardia), calla lily (Zantedeschia), forget-me-not (Myosotis), coreopsis and Siberian iris.
This fern is used by the Chain Fern Borer Moth (Papaipema stenocelis) as a food source (Dunbar 1989).
Since several oaks border the formal garden, Bliss integrated the trees into the overall design, surrounding them with a giant chain fern as well as unthirsty natives such as manzanita and ceanothus.
Herbaceous species include royal (Osmunda regalis), cinnamon (Osmunda cinnamomea), and Virginia chain ferns (Woodwardia virginica); joe pye weed (Eupatoriumfistulosum); peat moss (Sphagnum spp.
The half-mile-long trail is perfectly green and symmetric: five-finger, sword, and chain ferns carpet every inch of the 50-foot-high canyon walls, with yellow monkey flower poking through.