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Synonyms for char


Synonyms for char

to undergo or cause to undergo damage by or as if by fire

damage or a damaged substance that results from burning

Synonyms for char

a human female employed to do housework

any of several small trout-like fish of the genus Salvelinus

burn to charcoal


Related Words

burn slightly and superficially so as to affect color

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A fair amount of that has to go to luck," Chai said in a telephone interview, explaining that his standard investing strategy simply produced unusually strong results in 2017.
There's something about chai at dhabas that kick starts the real 'gup' (conversation) amongst people, thus breaking down any barriers that may exist.
Meanwhile, Miss Chai has, he said, been excluded from the couple's former "fabulous life" and "deprived of her opportunity of properly defending herself ".
The Chai Street restaurant has a new look to reflect the brand's mission to re-create all the best aspects of Indian street food in Cardiff.
Up next was the cafe's signature blend Cha Cha Chai (Dh7).
Mrs Chai says her husband is worth more than PS400 million and the amount she should get should run into hundreds of millions.
This however is never the scenario when it comes to the Chai Dhabbas.
Pauline Chai wants her divorce dealt with in England where she has her home.
CHAI adopted for itself the goal of "Healthy for Many More".
9 November 2010 - US pharmaceuticals and medical devices maker Abbott (NYSE: ABT) said yesterday it has joined forces with the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) to provide HIV testing to infants in all countries working in partnership with the CHAI.
In the recent study, Chai combined his mechanical engineering background with the expertise of anthropologists at George Washington University and material scientists at NIST to develop a simple equation to predict the maximum bite force used to create a tooth chip.
The unmistakably nasal, shrill call of chai vendors at railway stations is something that I have always remembered.
Joyce Chai of Rancho Palos Verdes, CA, has been named the international winner of the 2008 Stockholm Junior Water Prize (SJWP), the most prestigious international competition for water-related research.
Christopher Owles and Michael Glanzberg of Sinvin Realty, LLC announced that fashion designer Richard Chai has leased the entire seventh floor of 107 Grand Street, the eight-story charmer at the corner of Mercer Street in SoHo.
1) If deconstruction's main contribution was to make this issue of consciousness into a problem of language, and if historicism largely emphasized how that problem heightened the importance of context (deconstruction and historicism essentially agreed with each other insofar as they claimed that poetry isn't about intention but about reception), Chai is particularly effective at showing how the proper context in which to view Romantic writing is within the rise to prominence of attempts to conceptualize nature and human experience in autonomous, unversalizing, abstract constructions of the mind: that is, in "theory.