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a metal pan over a heater

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The Buffet System consists of induction surfaces with corresponding chafing dishes that can be dropped into any countertop or serving station.
Gourmet Standard is playing to that by promoting its roaster sets and chafing dishes for Thanksgiving celebrations.
With cold plates and no chafing dishes though (too old-fashioned presumably), the food cooled rapidly under the onslaught of the air conditioning.
recently donated 12 chafing dishes and two induction stoves worth $16.
Metal chafing dishes, with or without their water bath jackets, also make suitable containers for fondue.
For 100, she favors five different hors d'oeuvres, three hot items in sauce for the chafing dishes, about a dozen main dishes, and 10 desserts.
There were four of us faced with twice that number of silver chafing dishes containing the range of poached/ scrambled/boiled/fried eggs, via bacon, sausages, tomatoes and mushrooms to pheasant kedgeree; a cold Bradenham ham stood in attendance.
Whether you purchase an expensive food bar or cart, build your own, or simply use three chafing dishes, make sure the foods look appetizing and attractive.
If you're worried about food getting cold, look into renting some chafing dishes or borrowing from friends.
Infinity buffet ware, Bartuff polycarbonate drink ware, Athena tableware and chafing dishes, and customised menus made from natural materials.
Centerpieces, buffet decor, glassware, china plates, flatware, chafing dishes, platters, service utensils, risers, groom's cake and cookie favors - all decorated to suit color and theme - provided by Tasteful Temptations, an award-winning regional caterer
They'll offer chafing dishes and Sterno, not to mention Passover "Ten Plagues" finger puppets and Cinco de Mayo chili pepper garlands.
Consumers aren't going to use a 60-quart stock pot, but we do plug-in warmers that are interesting for entertaining because they would replace chafing dishes and Sterno cups.
Keep ingredients hot on electric warming trays, over hot water in chafing dishes, or in an oven at lowest setting.
Qdoba Catering offers a refreshing alternative to traditional platters of cold-cut sandwiches or pizza, and the catering bars come complete with chafing dishes that keep meats warm and juicy, a full set of utensils and napkins.