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a metal pan over a heater

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The scrambled eggs are moist and creamy, managing to avoid the usual rubbery texture of eggs that sit in a chafing dish. There is also this dish: chicken lollipops, crisp and faintly piquant.
At the Michelin three- star Eleven Madison Park, Daniel Humm makes pastrami to pair with a slice of fresh, soft rye, roasted peppers, and pickled mustard seeds; the meat is presented in a chafing dish so diners can assemble their own HAUTE Pastrami is enjoying a revival in many cities
Yes, it's a chafing dish brunch, so you may wonder what makes it special.
The grill is 13 inches in diameter, DiMeo said, “big enough to handle up to four burgers and a couple of hot dogs or brats at one time.” DiMeo said that some people use it as a serving dish and others use it as a chafing dish to keep foods warm.
kisses at the break of dawn, Grandma's Old World chafing dish
At the end of the table was a chafing dish with Indian pudding, which I like very much when it is made well.
The desserts and cold salad counters were redecorated with marble tiles and the new chafing dish has an electric heater control and stainless steel panel.
The chafing dish consists of a frame, two pans, and a top.
Sufficient room should be provided between each chafing dish, bowl, plate, and platter to prevent a crowded appearance to the overall buffet display.
It was made by the German manufacturer Meissen in 1745 and is correctly termed a chafing dish, cover and stand.
/ Gourmet Standard is promoting cookware for entertaining, like this chafing dish, during the fourth quarter.
At home, the cooked meat can be kept hot in a warm oven (approximately 200 degrees Fahrenheit), in a chafing dish or slow cooker, or on a warming tray.
Alternatively, pour into a 1 1/2- to 2-cup ceramic fondue pan or metal chafing dish in a water-bath jacket.
The crepes are cooked in a well-buttered pan, and then flambeed with orange liqueur (such as Crand Marnier) in a chafing dish. A deconstructed version developed by Wildflowers Kitchens utilizes the saute, using butter, of eggs (sunny-side up) and bananas, both seasoned with ground coriander and snipped dry chives.
It's prepared in a chafing dish and served at the table, accompanied by spaetzle (small German dumplings) and a salad topped with asparagus spears and dressed with balsamic vinaigrette.