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soreness or irritation of the skin caused by friction

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SOCK OPTIONS: For day-long adventures, using socks or boot liners can help prevent chafing and keep dewclaws (if your dog has them) in place.
Golden Star brand chafing fuel, produced in UAE, is one of the leading, if not the leading brand in the gulf.
Although camping and picnic stoves in which chafing fuel containing methyl alcohol is used are very useful products, they may lead to very big problems, if not used carefully.
com)-- 2Toms, makers of advanced athletic products to prevent blisters, chafing, and odors, is pleased to announce its 2013 sponsorship of the 15th Annual Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon.
Fresh Body men's formula is designed to be used in the groin area, he says, to prevent wetness and chafing and the uncomfortable feelings of being sweaty and sticky while the" women's formula prevents perspiration and chafing under their breasts and in the cleavage area.
The ministry said these 11 aircraft had significant wiring harness installation problems, which caused chafing and excessive wear and tear.
There was a lot of chafing - when there's handcuffs involved there is always going to be chafing
The crossing is expected to take at least 75 days and the reason they will spend most of their time rowing without clothes on will be to avoid chafing in the salt water conditions.
The ergonomic flat lock seaming details enhance mobility and eliminate irritation and chafing.
The Buffet System consists of induction surfaces with corresponding chafing dishes that can be dropped into any countertop or serving station.
While your first instinct may be to get the widest, most cushy seat available, remember that the more direct contact your body has with the surface of the seat, the more likely it is to cause chafing.
It includes specially designed "anti-microbial" underpants to protect against bacterial infection in hot climates and prevent uncomfortable chafing from seams.
The new issue clothing even includes specially designed "anti-microbial" underpants to protect against bacterial infection in hot climates and prevent uncomfortable chafing.
Milbrett in February 2004 said she couldn't ``pretend'' to be enjoying the game while chafing under the tactical strictures Heinrichs placed on the U.
Pinxav (pronounced "pink salve") from Emjay Labs treats incontinent rashes, bedsores, heat rashes, minor burns, cuts, scrapes, and chafing.