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Synonyms for chaffy

abounding in or covered with or resembling or consisting of chaff



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Frances' daughter, Chaffy Schubert, was angered by the way the contractor took advantage of her mother.
Finally, Chaffy also does well to show other sides of Sze11's personality, such as his obsession with details of all kinds (the typeface on concert programs and the color of the back wall in Severance Hall), his amusing concern about miniskirts worn by Cleveland Orchestra staff members, and his enjoyment of travel, good food, and other pleasures.
Chaffy grass seed is usually a mix of stems, leaves, chaff, lint, fuzz, ,and other trash.
Not the most complicated relationship I grant you, but a recent purchase - brave for me as I've never thought I was the right shape for skirts, being all belly and boobie and chaffy of leg - seemed to bring the house down.