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Synonyms for chaffy

abounding in or covered with or resembling or consisting of chaff



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The fate of the Home Guard hangs in the balance when Colonel Theakes (Mark Gatiss) reveals that he intends to sort the military wheat from the chaff and "Walmington feels chaffy.
Infected plants may die during crop growth period, however, some plants survive up to maturity and they have few tall, thin and lanky tillers with white empty chaffy panicles.
By the light of gasoline lanterns the owner and his boy scrape up the chaffy grain from the ground, to save it for chicken or pig feed (Edmonton Art Gallery 1970).
Mechanical processing: Maize cobs are commonly processed by either simply grinding using a hammer mill or through a complex process involving various steps of premilling (coarse crushing), separation (into hard or woody and soft or chaffy fractions on air separator), pulverization and granulating (of woody fraction) (Bozovic et al.
According to the secretariat of the festival, the Wet Gunpowder prize is awarded to ridiculous people whose chaffy character is evident to everyone "and when this nature of theirs is accompanied with self-belief turns into an indefinite foolishness for them".
australiensis and Chaffy Saw-sedge Gahnia filum may dominate the most landward zone (Davies et al.
A heavy infestation on milk-stage rice grains results in empty grains and turns all spikelets brown and chaffy (Akibo-Betts & Raymundo 1978).