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a stiff chitinous seta or bristle especially of an annelid worm

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In parapodia, chaetae are more abundant and lobes almost equal (to each other)].
a) Anterior end, dorai view, b) anterior end, lateral view, c) first chaetiger, d) chaetiger 10, lateral view, e) chaetiger 10, frontal view, f) chaetiger 17, g) chaetiger 78, h) chaetiger 105, i) chaetiger 300, j) branchiae detail from chaetiger 300, k) lateral organ of chaetiger 300, k') detail of the lateral organ, i) crenulate chaetae, m-m) neuropodial thoracic hooded hook.
On the other hand, the higher frequency of stiff hairs in faeces may be an overestimate, chaetae could have been intercepted into an epithelium of a digestive system and might therefore be repeatedly released into faecal samples during digestion, or they could come from the digestive system of other hoopoe prey such as predatory beetles (Z.
Paired chaetae associated with spiral shells of the late Early Cambrian mollusc Pelagiella from the Kinzers Formation; taphonomy, functional morphology, and potential evolutionary relationships.
However, according to Harman (1974), who described this species, the presence of giant chaetae in the ventral bundles indicates a possible sexual reproductive mode, not previously found in this genus.
The western species with hair chaetae (mostly accompanied by pectinates) in dorsal bundles
2A); chaetigers 2-4, notochaetae arranged in three tiers, first row short, slightly bent, unilimbate, second row slightly longer than first row, spear-shaped, third row long, lanceolate; chaetigers 6-10 similar to anterior chaetigers, but chaetae of first row more sharply bent; in subsequent chaetigers short chaetae fewer and longer, increase in number; no modified posterior notochaetae; chaetigers 1-4 with well-developed neuropodial lobes with two rows of neurochaetae, first row unilimbate, second row lanceolate, neuropodial lobes of chaetigers 6-7 smaller, neurochaetae of chaetiger 6 similar to chaetigers 1-4.
Writing is mind made visible I think and watch what I say wing of jackdaw scraping of chaetae underfoot something shadowing my every move omnivorous noisy compact the world of matter a machine made of light dust is dust is ( ) the seed of galaxies.
In addition, immature worms without capilliform chaetae were found at all six sites, and those with capilliform chaetae were found at INHS2.
Earthworms were detected in scats by microscopically examining the fine sludge for chaetae (Kruuk and Parish 1981).
4; TURBELLARIA: Dugesia tigrina - 25; OLIGOCHAETA: Naididae: Nais behningi - 1, unidentified naidid - 1, Tubificidae: Limnodrilus hoffmeisteri - 1, Limnodrilus udekemianus - 1, immature tubificids without capilliform chaetae - 2, Hirudinea (very small) - 1; ISOPODA: Caecidotea sp.
For example, studying FA of sternopleural chaetae, Parsons (1962) found an increase at 30 [degrees] C as compared to 25 [degrees] C.
When larvae had six pigment bands posterior to the prototroch, chaetae appeared in three segments: between pi2 and pi3, pi3 and pi4, and pi4 and pi5.