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a stiff chitinous seta or bristle especially of an annelid worm

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4); no companion chaetae with anterior hooded hooks in holotype, but present on one ramus each on chaetigers 7 and 8 in one specimen; last two chaetigers with fine capillary companion chaeta.
Ant IV with a horseshoe-shaped tip (it is not a real papilla), with a special trifurcate chaeta beside it, a pointed and straight chaeta next to the tip, and a small and more rounded "pit" beside the last (Fig.
Maxillary outer lobe with simple palp, basal chaeta and with two sublobal hairs.
The genus is characterized by the shape of the postantennal organ with numerous (11-20), compound vesicles, antennal III sense organ with 5 papillae and 2 ribbed sensory clubs, the presence of the chaeta d0 on head and chaeta p0 on abdominal tergum IV, abdominal tergum VI with 1 medial chaeta, tibiotarsal distal whorl with 9 chaetae, furcal area with 2+2 chaeta in 1 row (Weiner 1996; Pomorski 1998) and usually 2 manubrial rows mm and mp, chaetae from the ma row displaced on the level of dental microchaetae, male ventral organ usually present and anal spines absent.