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a cloth used as a head covering (and veil and shawl) by Muslim and Hindu women

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There is no more universal symbol for gender discrimination, segregation, and inequality, for the oppression of women and the demonization of female sexuality than the hijab, the chador, the niqab, and the burqa.
The niqab, the burqa or the chador is an excuse used by the enemies against Islam and Muslims, and an excuse for Muslim zealots to oppress women.
A "Free Majid Tavakoli" group was created on Facebook, calling the student leader "a symbol of integrity and courage," and more than 380 Iranian men have showed solidarity with him and posted pictures of themselves wearing a veil or chador with captions such as "I am Majid Tavakoli" or "It is not shame to be a woman, it is shame to be a man like you.
There are, for instance, images capturing both the exuberance of coming-of-age girls wearing their chador - an Islamic garment covering everything but the face - and the misery masking the still faces of mothers of those killed in the 1980-88 Iran/Iraq war.
Neshat uses her own face, coded as post-1979 Iranian by black chador and starkly outlined eyes.
In the Aegean port city of Izmir, protesters from the secular Democratic Left Party burned black Islamic chador full-body coverings at a main square.
It's doubtful that he would send as his emissary a woman in a black chador who had spent no time in the United States, possessed no knowledge of our history or movies or pop music, and spoke no English beyond a heavily accented 'Good morning.
The suburban girl who had once modeled, emulating Brooke Shields in the famous Calvin Klein jeans ad, now donned a black chador and awaited an arranged marriage.
In her book Calislar reportedly claims that Ataturk wore a woman's chador to escape his house in April 1923 with a party of women and children.
Depending on how it is designed and on how the woman holds it, the chador may or may not cover the face
The chador is a large semicircle of cloth, worn with the center on the crown of the head and held under the chin.
She describes how Iranian women routinely combat the ambient grayness imposed by the regime by wearing colorful chador designs revealing far more than they are supposed to.
At first forced to retreat into the confines of her chador, she finally dissolves into it, losing all confidence in herself as an academic and a contributing and individual person.
Moreover, I think she'd be willing to pose, and I hear Dave LaChapelle has been very keen to shoot somebody in a chador.
Thus a collective political campaign developed in response to Ayatollah Khomeini's decree that all Iranian women adopt his version of Islamic dress, the chador (a large piece of cloth wrapped around the body so only the face is exposed).