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a cloth used as a head covering (and veil and shawl) by Muslim and Hindu women

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The chadar would be presented at the shrine on behalf of the Prime Minister by Minister of State for Minority Affairs ( MoS) Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi.
David Mabor Chadar Chairman of Agr Community in Armidale and New England, NSW, Australia 4.
Don Mario Porcu, 95-year-old Salesian missionary, declared the jubilee celebrations open and hoisted the CRI flag to the background of 50 Assamese drummers playing the dol and the khol, and 50 young girls dressed in Assamese golden Mekhela Chadar.
He was on his way home when the rebels intercepted him and took away the chadar.
A nine-day trek, covering 70 km and at a height of 11,123 feet, the Chadar trek (known so because it is literally walking on a sheet of thin ice on Zanskar river) is arguably the most adventurous and arduous treks in the country.
I stole a first kiss behind the chadar ochel (mess hall), performed in Hebrew plays, sang my heart out in Hebrew during zimriya (songfest), competed fiercely in that terrifying nighttime game where were issued passports of actual Holocaust-era Jews and had to flee our Nazi counselors to freedom on the tennis courts.
Earlier, he visited the Data Darbar shrine and laid a Chadar on the shrine.
Its alternative names include chadar, orni/odhni, chunri, chunni, orna, etc.
The groups included the Huddersfield Geology Group; Bridge the Gap (a group of older people who work with pupils from Almondbury High School); Birkby and Fartown Reading and Craft Group; Home Educated Children; and Mala Chadar Curd - a group of Kurdish families and individuals.
The authors would like to thank Miss Shraddha chadar from department of chemical engineering, Institute of Engineering (Jiwaji University, Gwalior) India for her kind help in making layout and design of the several apparatus used.
They behead criminals, stone to death female adulteresses and throw acid in the faces of women who refuse to wear the chadar.
At the head of the complex, approached by a flight of steps divided by a chadar or water-chute (a digital ceramic mural by Raoul Rewal covers the east wall), the Jamatkhana courtyard extends the Prayer Hall in the traditional manner.
Chadar Bather questions the roles of males and females in Muslim society - the man free in swimming trunks, the woman enveloped in swirling dark clothes.
Chairman Albert Reynolds also told shareholders that the Libyan Government had asked Bula to submit a development plan for the Chadar field which it would do in early October.