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greyish baboon of southern and eastern Africa

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Problem animals, indigeneity and land: the Chacma baboon in South African writing.
He continues by saying that "little children are by no means exempt" from these conditions and that his observation of the chacma baboon's behaviour similarly illustrates a "representation of the same inherent pain of consciousness at the height of its diurnal rhythm" (Marais, 2001:106).
Significantly, the lack of rights for nonhuman animals generally, and these chacma baboons specifically, is set against the South African Constitution which has recognised the rights of all humans but not those of nonhuman animals.
Domestic animals, however, have not featured as prominently as Sharisha and the chacma baboons in South African fiction since 2000.
The rise and fall of tuberculosis in a free-ranging chacma baboon troop in the Kruger National Park.
London, Jan 12 (ANI): A new study has shown that alpha-male chacma baboons allow lower-ranking males to mate with their females as a way to protect the dominant male's own offspring in their absence.
Adventurers on the Savvy Navigator tour in May will spend 10 days in and around Cape Town, toasting the sunset on top of Table Mountain, walking with Chacma baboons at Cape Point, feasting on abundant dinners under the stars in the African bush and exploring the explosive city nightlife with local Capetonians.
The territorial myth of the late mass Bantu migration is shown to dovetail with a presentation of the chacma as a colonised creature, an image which further supports a view of all men, including the indigenous peoples, as colonisers of nature who preceded European colonisation and set the precedent for it.
He added the reserve hoped to use technology as a research tool, starting with the common Chacma baboon, where there is a gap in knowledge about the effects of predation on the animal.
4"E), Eastern Province, Zambia, in 2009 and from 50 chacma baboons (P.
In the study on chacma baboons, offspring of females sharing a unique and emotional bond with each other lived much longer than the children of those who didn't mingle with other females.
injected 6 wild-caught Chacma baboons (Papio ursinus orientalis) with pooled HBV-positive serum and analyzed the baboons for 52 weeks by using sensitive molecular techniques to detect evidence of transmission (16).
To see if other primate faces convey enough information to determine relatedness, the scientists tested whether humans could see a family resemblance in chimpanzees, lowland mountain gorillas, mandrills and chacma baboons.
The Cape Peninsula in South Africa is home to many species of wildlife, including [approximately equal to] 470 chacma baboons (Papio ursinus), which are a major tourist attraction and source of chronic conflict for local residents.
The troops of chacmas of the famous montane gorge at Diepkloof where Marais conducted his observations were foraging in ever decreasing numbers, yet during his annus mirabilis of 1932 he churned out many pieces on them for Die Vaderland.