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a group of minerals of the zeolite family consisting of a hydrous silicate of calcium and aluminum


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Webley, "Alkali and alkaline-earth cation exchanged chabazite zeolites for adsorption based C[O.sub.2] capture," Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, vol.
As temperature increased, arsenic adsorbent performance significantly improved (P _ 0.001, (Alpha) = 0.001, n = 6 for each adsorbent) for Fe modified activated carbon, chabazite, and clinoptilolite.
Geological Survey has reported natural zeolites' worldwide occurrence in the USA, Japan, Korea, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Hungary, Russia, Yugoslavia, South Africa, Italy, Germany, Turkey and China, the latter having the greatest worldwide production Clinoptilolite, mordenite, heulandite, chabazite, phillipsite and laumontite are some of the more than 40 known natural zeolites occurring in reasonably high quantities and purity.
While appreciable phase changes were not observed in the specimens exposed to nitric acid attack, new peak of chabazite developed along with diminishing peaks of few other phases.
Significant mineral occurrences in the country's non-igneous and non-metamorphic rocks are uncommon, although beautiful celestine specimens come from sedimentary rocks (marls) near Majunga, and well-crystallized zeolites such as gmelinite, analcime and chabazite were found in volcanic rocks at some historical localities (Lacroix, 1922-23; Behier, 1960).
[13] Mishra, M., Jain, S.K., 2009, Effect of Natural Ion Exchanger Chabazite for Remediation of Lead Toxicity: An Experimental Study in Teleost Fish Heteropneustes fossilis.
Among similar localities in the vicinity, the zeolite locality of Pusty vrch (Schie-chenberg) near Folknafe is characterized by the presence of thomsonite, chabazite, phillipsite and gismondine occurring in amygdales of a lava flow of "leucite" tephrite composition (Tucek 1962).
The dominant vesicle fillings in basalt are celadonite and silica minerals, with minor "heulandite", chabazite, and analcime.
These mineral species described are: Hornblende, Epidote, Piemontite, Chabazite, Prehnite, Pyrite, Chalcopyrite, Clinozoisite, Dravite var Tourmaline, Chlorite, Garnet var Almandine, Sulphur (as free crystals), Calcite, Kaolinite, Hyalite Opal.
Lee, and Julian Gale successfully applied quantum mechanical calculations to predict and understand the absorption of methanol at Brvnsted acid sites - the place where catalysis occurs - in chabazite and sodalite zeolites.
9 Science results from an analysis of a synthetic solid catalyst, HSAPO-34, similar to the naturally occurring zeolitic mineral chabazite. The researchers used neutron diffraction and infrared spectroscopy.
In the batch tests, 13 materials were initially tested for selectivity, including three zeolites, clinoptolite, chabazite, and phillipsite; three clay minerals--attapulgite, montmorillonite, and pillared clay; and granular activated carbon.