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a modern ballroom dance from Latin America

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We urge the various groups including people's organizations, the church and other sectors who opposed self-serving Cha-chas before, to come out once more and vigorously oppose this new attempt to impose another self-serving Cha -cha and Con Ass that will only worsen the already dire condition of the Filipino people," he said.
He called on the public to oppose the 'self-serving Cha-cha.
The learning curve starts off flat enough with arrows ticking along leisurely to mambos and sambas, jives and cha-chas.
Mambo Kings is about two Cuban brothers who come to Manhattan to break into the Latin club scene--the one inspiring those Broadway songwriters to add cha-chas.
She stages a shotgun wedding reception with expert attentiveness to every awful, theater-of-cruelty detail, virtually defining the term painfully funny as she cha-chas merrily along.
O'Farrill's stylistic range is revealed through tracks that range from full-blown blues and uptempo big band jazz to bedrock cha-chas and mambos.
Robbins worked a stunning opposition into the choreography: absolutely explosive displays of sexual, territorial energy, but trapped within the dynamics of popular dance (mambas, cha-chas, jazz contractions, beatnik shrugs), and so luminously constructed that you saw everything--wide shot, zoomin, switchblade.
1 smashes, the irresistible, hard-rocking urban cha-chas "Sherry," "Walk Like A Man," and "Big Girls Don't Cry," followed by "Candy Girl.
All previous cha-chas have been about eliminating term limits, extending terms and no-election scenario.
This week sees the remaining 13 celebs take on a mix of dances including cha-chas, quicksteps, rumbas, Charlestons and even a tango.
Okay, I can understand they don't want a family audience to see Kenny's cha-chas.
Following in the footsteps of previous Welsh contestants Aled Jones and Colin Jackson, Gabby Logan and Blue Peter presenter Gethin Jones will battle it out for the Welsh vote as they compare cha-chas and woo with their waltzes.
Jazz at Sunset continues June 29 with The Dick Odgren Quartet featuring Brenda Padula; The Compaq Big Band plays July 6; Nathan and the Zydeco Cha-Chas perform July 13; Larry Harlow's Latin Jazz Encounter performs July 20; and Karrin Allyson wraps up the series July 27.
It's top Saturday night telly: a pair of preening TV presenters pirouette; some sportsman or other trips through a tango; and a celebrity chef cheerfully cha-chas as Brucie beams relentlessly away.
But Carol, from Rhyl, who will be dancing with professional ballroom champion Paul Killick, is not sure how she'll cope with the mambas, cha-chas and rumbas.