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the circulating life energy that in Chinese philosophy is thought to be inherent in all things

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Talking of the affective power of literary works, Liu argues, "The transmission of the disconsolate feelings (ch'ing) always begins with wind [phrase omitted] and "the quality of wind contained in the affections is like the way our shape holds ch'i within it [phrase omitted] (219).
The Holy Spirit and Ch'i (Qi) is Yun's first book since his important 2003 comparative survey, Baptism in the Holy Spirit.
So that's how I spent a few hours watching Gary "create positive ch'i flow" on his boat.
Add some ch'i enhancers (something that promotes well-being through the senses) to the interior of your vehicle.
but never have four of anything because four things create a box that traps ch'i.
The contrasting strophe (B) sets the words "Her walk was not that of a mortal thing, but of some angelic form" Changing dynamics and tempo changes underlie the expression of the text; for example, the phrase describing her celestial spirit, "uno spirto celeste, un vivo sole fu quell ch'i vidi" is ser off with a slower tempo and pianissimo dynamics, with wider spacing for the piano.
It's the language of dance, a bit like tai ch'i but different.
They sketched ch'i and delineated outward appearance, as they themselves were rolled round and round in the course of things; they applied coloration and matched sounds, lingering on about things with their minds.
Rovira also attributes his ability to grasp differing views to Tai ch'i chuan, an internal Chinese martial art style often practiced for health reasons.
The only odd thing about the books is the translator's use of the Chinese word ch'i rather then the Japanese ki when referring to the flow of life energy.
He said: "The traditional principles of acupuncture are deeply flawed - there is no evidence to demonstrate the existence of Ch'i or meridians.
He also makes ample us of the Ch'i (Physics) concept of Chinese medicine.
Since being articulated by Sun-tzu in The Art of War, the concept of ch'i or the "unorthodox" has been a foundational idea in Chinese military thinking and it remains a core element of contemporary Chinese military theory.
The result is a guide for martial artists to perfecting the mind, rising above hesitation, indecision, or distractions, and harnessing the flow of the dynamic energy of ch'i to empower transformation.
Try pilates, tai ch'i, or dance classes--no matter how young, or old, you are.