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a cationic detergent that is a powerful disinfectant

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The membrane was placed either on plate count agar enriched with cetrimide (2 g/L) or on trypticase soy agar (TSA) enriched with amoxicillin (10 mg/L).
Participants undergoing PGE IOL will have 3 mg Prostin tablet inserted in the posterior fornix after cleaning the vulva with Cetrimide solution.
Se hizo una siembra directa en medios selectivos Sabourand, Cetrimide, Baird Parker y MacConkey.
Los medios utilizados para las bacterias indicadoras de contaminacion de aguas fueron: agar endo NPS (coliformes totales), agar M-FC (Escherichia coli), agar azida NPS (Enterococcus), agar cetrimide NPS (Pseudomonas) y agar m-Aeromonas (Aeromonas).
Scolicidal agents like hypertonic saline solution and cetrimide are often used to wash out the cavity to prevent recurrence, since contents of the cyst can cause anaphylaxis while performing surgical excision.
TABLE 5: The Antimicrobial Properties of Some Enrichment or selective Media Inhibitor Medium Inhibits Enhances Compound Bile Salt Mossel Gram-positive Gram-negative (NaDOC)* Broth* MacConkey bacteria bacteria Broth* MacConkey Agar* XLD Agar* Quaternary Cetrimide Agar Broad P.
To date, many protoscolicidal substances (formalin, hydrogen peroxide, cetrimide, pure alcohol, hypertonic saline, and silver nitrate) have been used for inactivation of the hydatid cyst contents; nevertheless most of such compounds may produce a variety of side effects [3,6,7].
Pseudomonas aeruginosa were enumerated on Pseudomonas Agar Base (CM 559, Oxoid) supplemented with cetrimide, fucidin, and cephaloridine (CFC), providing a selective isolation medium for Pseudomonas aeruginosa.
Ozellikle antiseptikler, rivanol, lugol, benzalkonyum klorid, polivinil iyot bilesikleri, klorhekzidin, benzalkonyum klorid, cetrimide bu sekilde cok kullanilir (1,3,6).
The either side of spine of all the animals was properly clipped, shaved and scrubbed with 5% cetrimide and chlorhexidine solution and painted with povidone iodine solution.
7 Sterilization of the cyst cavity is done by different scolicidal agents and cetrimide solution (0.
Para la caracterizacion bioquimica se utilizo la coloracion de Gram, la siembra en agares selectivos y diferenciales (Mac-Conkey, Cetrimide, KingB) y la prueba de oxidasa.
Significances were calculated by comparing rates of healing in group treated either with PgME ointment or with cetrimide cream versus controls and in group treated with PgME ointment versus cetrimide cream group.
A 55-year-old male who presented for an elective right inguinal herniorrhaphy developed severe bradycardia (heart rate 22 /minute) during skin preparation of the surgical site with cetrimide solution.
Table 1-Specified Microbial Limits Total Microbial Count Raw Materials Finished Products 10 cfu/g or ml 2 - 100 cfu/g or ml 6 6 300 cfu/g or ml - 3 1000 cfu/g or ml 6 1 10000 cfu/g or ml - - Other (not specified) 1 - Table 2 - Protocols (Methods) for Microbial Detection Raw Materials Finished Products Dipstick 1 1 USP * 3 2 Plate Count ** 7 9 Enrichment *** 2 3 Rapid Method *** - 3 * United States Pharmacopeia 61 Microbiological Examination of Nonsterile Products: Microbial Enumeration Tests ** Trypticase soy agar, Cetrimide, Sabouraud, MacConkey and Potato dextrose agars *** Letheen, Tetrathionate, Lauryl tryptose, Modified tween letheen and "MLAT" broths.