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a vitamin found in fresh fruits (especially citrus fruits) and vegetables

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It also has cetane boost thatimproves cold starting and combustion,and reduces emissions.
2] have proven that even highly reactive fuels such as di-n-butyl ether (DnBE) with a derived cetane number in the range of 115, despite of its dominant diffusion controlled combustion, could lead to a drastic reduction in engine out soot emissions in a wide range of engine operation points.
It has been observed from the variation of cylinder pressure for iron oxide nano particles doped fuel blends give low combustion pressure compared to that of standard diesel due to shorter ignition delay of iron oxide nanoparticles doped diesel fuels and may be due to higher cetane number of the blended fuel.
Higher cetane values help diesel engines operate more effectively.
RBE density and kinematic viscosity are slightly higher than those of RME, while the cetane number and the calorific value of RBE exceed those of RME.
Additional improvements in other qualities like distillation boiling range, flow properties, cetane number and aromatics content were brought from new facilities.
However, different esters vary in terms of important fuel properties such as total and free glycerine, cetane number, viscosity, cloud point, pour point, density and degree of unsaturation.
The fuel offers improved performance over biodiesel and petroleum-based diesel, including a high cetane value of 80 compared with a cetane range of 40 to 60 found in diesel at the pump today.
has filed a lawsuit in district court against Cetane Energy LLC, requesting that the company return more than $1 million in Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) acceleration funds.
The EU executive found that the takeover of the Spanish group, specialised in the production and marketing of explosives, munitions, chemical products and cetane additives for diesel fuel (2-EHN), by Advent and Maxam's current managers, technical experts, other employees and co-investors would not create competition concerns in the European Economic Area nor would it lead to any substantial change in the supply relationship between Advent and Maxam.
Calculation of cetane index (CCI) is based on Krisnagkura equation [17] who proposed an equation for estimation of cetane index (CI) depending on the saponification and iodine values, recommending that the equation is not to be used for the parent oils, but only for methyl esters.
According to Cynar this yields synthetic fuels which are cleaner, lower a higher cetane than generic diesel fuel.
Another important factor is a fuel's cetane number, which indicates how quickly the fuel combusts once it's injected into the combustion chamber of a diesel engine--the higher the number, the better the performance.
Just as conventional airplane engines can't burn E10, aircraft diesels need a minimum cetane fuel.
In addition, GTL has considerably lower local emissions in the product application phase (compared with crude-based diesel fuel), owing to a number of key properties, including its very high cetane number and to being virtually free from sulphur and aromatics.