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Synonyms for cesspool

a place known for its great filth or corruption

Synonyms for cesspool

a covered cistern

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Services on emptying and cleaning of cesspools, sinks and septic tanks
noa details that a major milestone has been achieved in the quest to fight the Hawai'i cesspool pollution epidemic by wastewater treatment technology innovation company Envirocycle[R] Hawai'i (www.
Mr Bin Rajab promised Mr Al Mohannadi that drainage tankers would be on standby in the area to drain cesspools whenever they flooded.
IRISH cities are turning into crime-ridden cesspools filled with racial hate - just like Los Angeles - research by Cork and Limerick University boffins has claimed.
CHINA might be an economic powerhouse but it is also the pollution capital of the world with its once great rivers rancid cesspools.
Many of the stations, now cesspools for industrial pollution, rest on traditional Aboriginal lands.
Other tracer studies have confirmed that wastewater from septic systems and cesspools migrates to coral reefs near shore.
Schwartzman once again proves his expertise at plumbing dicey psychological cesspools as fully and fearlessly as possible.
They are hoping the grant will bring long-running problems of cesspools and septic tanks to an end.
In addition, when "middle America" votes against voucher programs or sends their children to public schools without opting them out of evolution or sex education classes, they are also discounting the dire tight-wing warnings that public schools are cesspools unfit for human habitation.
The Hawaii State Department of Health will hold two public informational meetings this month to explain the impact cesspools are having on drinking water and sensitive surface waters.
Even today, thousands of homes in the foothills and Valley area still use cesspools and septic tanks as their means of waste disposal where no sewage hookups are available.
If we go down that road we are going to end up with cities like cesspools - what happened in other countries that went that way.
The report indicates about 43,000 cesspools half of Hawaiis total 88,000 cesspools are located in the 14 priority areas in all counties and need urgent action.
and New York City, with the most restrictive gun laws in the nation, have been cesspools of crime for a generation.