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Synonyms for cesspit

a place known for its great filth or corruption

Synonyms for cesspit

a covered cistern

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Cesspit If that's not enough, and you want something REALLY different, then join One Thousand mindreaders, a workshop on Saturday, March 24.
It was enthusiastic condemnation of the hashtag "girls are the cesspit of humanity" that caused it to gain traction.
They say a condition that the cesspit was used temporarily "would allow the development of the school to go ahead whilst the local authority pursues a connection to the main sewerage system, or obtains permission to install a private sewage treatment works".
The company had permission to store septic tank sludge at the farm, but not cesspit or chemical toilet waste.
Courage is required to denounce political correctness for the catastrophe that it is, so entrenched has it become amongst the Great and the Good, who have managed successfully to impose it on society in general, Time to reject it, and deposit it in the cesspit of history.
5-kilogram bar of gold while digging a cesspit in Kokand (Fergana region), the ancient city of the Uzbek khans, Radio Liberty reported last week.
The first accuser, who described the BBC set as "a cesspit of depravity", told how his fellow cast member confided in him when he found her in a distressed state in the West London studios just days after the alleged attacks on him.
First, the fact that a Frenchman could so effortlessly and sincerely drop into the absurd world of English football-speak, but also that Ipswich was some sort of hateville, the seething, snarling cesspit of the Premier League.
The council employees and street cleaners do a remarkable job but their hard work doesn't pay off because these people are still making L6 &L7 a cesspit to live in and making a bad impression for future generations to grow up in.
From the logs of cesspit 1b at Ulikooli Street 15, several samples were sawn for dating and all comparisons unambiguously date the last annual ring to the year 1335 (Bernotas 2008, 22, fig.
It's going to take more than a Christmas edition of Call the Midwife to dig Auntie out of its cesspit.
Addressing the Broadcasting Press Guild, he spoke of "the appalling allegations, the cesspit of the Jimmy Savile allegations" as he tackled issues surrounding the former Top Top Of The Pops and Radio 1 host.
A WOMAN was taken to hospital after she was injured rescuing a horse from a cesspit.
It already costs at least pounds 200 to empty a cesspit - this initiative simply looks like another stealth tax on the rural community.
Caim's relationship with his 'shadow' companion Kit is reminiscent of a hard-boiled Peter Pan and Tinker Bell, while Josey survives kidnap, a cesspit, and rape to take her eventual rightful place as Empress.