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Since then, PCCC had been managing its budget but since its dwindling now, it is in danger of exhausting all its savings soon if cotton cess wasn't paid in full this year.
Improving cess collection requires rethinking the collection procedures and methods," said Mr Odhiambo.
They said that businessmen are already coping with a number of internal and external challenges while Punjab Infrastructure Development Cess would further add to their miseries.
The decision on when to raise the actual cess leviable on the same will be taken by the GST Council in due course, it added.
8% will see lower taxation at 43% post- GST which would lead to a reduction in vehicle prices, despite 15% cess above the base GST rate of 28%.
While tax experts and analysts have welcomed the announcement of 15 per cent cap on the cess, bringing in much-needed certainty, not many of them are encouraged by the signals that the government and the GST Council have been sending with regard to the tax rates.
Furthermore, he stated that the cotton cess was imposed on the pattern of Excise Duty and under the law there was no excise duty on the locally made goods, including raw materials.
According to another notification issued by the Food Department, the Sugarcane Development Cess for crushing season 2015-16 has been fixed Rs 3 per 40kg or Rs 7.
PESHAWAR -- The Senate (Anomaly) Committee on Gas Infrastructure Development Cess, in its meeting, decided to not charge of GIDC the past retrospective to industries and captive power units.
AG has said that it is not possible for the DoT to levy the Cess for the purpose of Swachh Bharat Kosh by way of an executive order.
3 -- Export cess on rare earth/mineral sand were introduced to safeguard our industries -and no less than seven firms are now active in automotive assembly industry in Sri Lanka.
In effect, Cairn India was told that the government would not clear the stake sale deal until Cairn India resolved its disputes with ONGC on royalty and cess to the latter's satisfaction.
Set in the Elizabethan village of Montacute, the novel sees the defiant Cess, the local 'bastard' child, overcome many barriers, as she copes with those who shun her due to her place in society.
Noida, April 28 -- The Noida Labour Department has sent notices to 13 companies including DMRC, NOIDA, DLF and JP for not depositing mandatory cess under Uttar Pradesh Building and other Construction Workers Welfare Act 2009.
Summary: <p>AaMaronite Patriarch Nasrallah Sfeir was quoted by his visitors as saying Monday that the cabinet formation pro cess "should be accelerated, however without rush, as delays will have a negative impact on the country.