cervical smear

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a sample of secretions and superficial cells of the uterine cervix and uterus

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In stage I, there was a statistically significant difference observed between the frequency of MN in cervical smear and in urine sample (P=0.
Total and age-specific prevalence (frequency) of women who had undergone cervical smear screening were calculated.
Summary: Women below the current age limit of 25 could soon be offered cervical smear tests.
The package containing the cervical smear test results was lost during a routine transfer between the offices of the North East Health Service Agency in Newcastle and Middlesbrough.
STRANGE as it sounds a dream prompted nursery cook Trudi Hall to go for a cervical smear test.
According to these calculations, the risk of abnormal cervical smear results was significantly elevated among unmarried sexually active women (hazard ratio, 1.
It may not be necessary to refer women for colposcopy after a single, mildly dyskaryotic cervical smear, according to a poster presentation by A.
Among this entire cohort, 74 (33%) had a lifetime history of having had at least one abnormal cervical smear, Dr.
Lawyer David Melville, representing the family, said Tracey's problems began when she visited Solihull Hospital in September 1990 for a regular cervical smear.
AA CERVICAL smear should be performed at least once every three years to detect early changes, which could result in cancer of the cervix if not treated.
evaluated the impact on cervical smear reader efficiency with implementation of the ThinPrep Pap Test.
One in five women in Wales, latest figures show, are putting themselves at risk of life-threatening cancer by failing to have cervical smear screening.
A NURSE took 746 cervical smear tests while not qualified for the procedure, a tribunal heard yesterday.
Then cervical smear was taken by Ayre's wooden spatula and stained with pap method and reported according to the 2001 Bethesda system by the pathology dept.