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coming to full development

acquiring desirable qualities by being left undisturbed for some time

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Cervical ripening must be done before MVA for ease of procedure resulting in better chances of completion of uterine evacuation.
Misoprostol is a very effective drug for induction of labour, as it has the dual property of cervical ripening and initiating uterine contractions and can be used at all gestational ages.
Prostaglandins (PGs) are widely used for cervical ripening and labor induction; according to the Chinese guideline for cervical ripening and labor induction in late pregnancy, dinoprostone and misoprostol are both recommended.
Subgroup analysis between women who needed cervical ripening and those who received only oxytocin did not show any significant difference in the induction delivery interval, duration of oxytocin infusion, or duration of labor.
Cervical ripening prior to operative procedures makes the operation easier and decreases the risk of cervical injury and uterine perforation which are often associated with mechanical cervical dilatation.
KEY WORDS: Misoprostol, dinoprostone, Foley's catheter, cervical ripening, induction of labor, Bishop's score
We are grateful for the supply of cervical ripening balloons for the study provided by Cook Medical.
A recently study compared the efficacy of various routes of single dose of 400 mcg misoprostol in cervical ripening and demonstrated that the mean time from induction to abortion, intraoperative pain score and duration of surgical evacuation in sublingual group was significantly lower than vaginal and oral routes.
The rates of each induction method and labor intervention were compared and were remarkable for higher rates of need for cervical ripening, specifically prostaglandin use, and placement of a fetal scalp electrode and/or an intrauterine pressure catheter in the early amniotomy group.
Extra-ampiotic saline infusion versus extra-amniotic prostaglandin F2 alpha for cervical ripening and induction of labour in second trimester of pregnancy.
The direct mechanical dilatation and endogenous release of Prostaglandin are the mechanism of cervical ripening by Foley's catheter8 and this effect is enhanced when traction is applied.
9) Various methods of cervical ripening, from membrane sweeping (MS) and use of a transcervical Foley catheter to administration of prostaglandins (PG) and prostaglandin [E.
Although several possible mechanisms are involved in the softening and ripening of the cervix, prostaglandins (PGs), especially prostaglandin E2a and F2, play pivotal roles in cervical ripening and dilatation (Cunningham et al.
An intravaginal controlled-release prostaglandin E 2 pessary for cervical ripening and initiation of labor at term.
Cervical ripening that instigates preterm labor is distinct from what happens at the onset of normal term labor, researchers at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, have found.